Behind Every Man’s Ears There Is A Goldmine Waiting To Be Discovered

Million Dollar Business Ideas For MenThe next million dollar idea….

Every man young and old, has one waiting inside of them.

It doesn’t matter what it is, nor how absurd you may think it might be.

Stop for a second and think about the man who sold pet rocks for an astonishing $15 million dollars in profit:

Alone in just the first six months..

You’d have to be insane to ever think someone would pay $4 for a rock they could easily dig up in their backyard right?

But that didn’t stop people buying from.

Gary Dahl, the man behind this venture made just over $3 in profit per each one he sold, and he walked away with an enormously fat paycheck in the process.

But he didn’t just get “lucky” gentlemen, the real key to his success was that he went out and made things happen.

And so did the countless other ridiculously rich people who embarked on the same journey.

Millionaires and Billionaires:

Million Dollar Idea Slinky

Ken Hakuta: Wacky Wall Walker ($80 Million)

Richard James: Slinky ($250 Million)

Scott Boilen: Snuggie ($200 Million)

Alex Tew: One Million Dollar Homepage ($1 Million)

H Ty Warner: Beanie Babies ($4 Billion)

Joel Comm: iFart App ($400,000)


The $500 Million Dollar Smile Story

Smile Idea Story

Take for example Bernard and Murray Spain. This duo invented the “Have A Nice Day!” smile that you see plastered over grocery bags everywhere you look. Know how much this remarkably simple idea netted them? A mind blowing $500 million dollars in cash.

Now I know you’re thinking how can such a thing even be possible? It seems like utter nonsense, and trust me gentlemen I know exactly what you mean..

When we first try to figure out the marvelous mystery behind all of this it would appear as if luck was the deciding factor. But here’s what I want to tell you gentlemen:

Luck is not everything, it is absolutely nothing if you do not follow through with your idea in the first place. Tell me, how can you get lucky if there is nothing you’re hoping to get lucky from? You can’t.


Realizing The Risk And Chasing It

Risk Vs Reward

It’s the same as if you were to go to the casino and plop down a $50 bet on black. You had the idea that it may be possible to double your money, so you ventured out and took the risk trying the odds. And who knows, it could bring about a loss, or on the other hand things could get very, very interesting.

Perhaps that idea you were committed to testing out ended up putting you into a hot streak. You kept winning and stayed on course playing the game all throughout the night. What started as a $50 investment turned into thousands of dollars.

It’s that willingness to take action we must all take in order to be successful. We can’t just sit at home hoping the money will show up at our doorstep, nor can we pray that a get rich quick scheme will somehow magically end being up true.


All opportunity is disguised in ideas

The Gold Rush

There’s an interesting quote by Benjamin Disraeli where he says,

“One secret of success in life is for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes.”

But here’s the thing guys, every single idea you come up with is an opportunity.

We all dream them up all the time, every single day; our minds are like these never-ending waterfalls of thoughts.

Inside of each and every man is this goldmine of opportunity just waiting to be discovered and explored.

Take for instance back when James Marshall struck gold in 1848 and started the Gold Rush in California.

The small town of San Francisco area was home to around 200 people, but all of the sudden things started to change.

In the next 6 years it grew into this massive boomtown of 36,000 people.

And why did people move there? The money: The idea of striking it rich and making their fortune.

However, it wasn’t just the idea of panning for gold that attracted people, in fact, there was much more to it…

Someone had to be selling the shovels to dig for gold right? And men did, they opened up new businesses taking advantage of the idea that they could also claim their fortune. Even the hotels, bars, restaurants all made a respectable buck in the process.

If you can see where I’m going with this, it would only make sense to be a part of that right?

The aspiring businessmen who stayed home surely regretted their decision, and those who waited forever missed out on such a great opportunity.


The right mindset is everything

Believe And Act Now

If you are unwilling to take action and believe in your ideas you will only be wasting away every single opportunity presented in front of you gentlemen.

It is remarkable to think that these ideas and thoughts are at the very center of our body, sitting right inside our brain. The same place where we control everything, including our decision making, rationalizing, and processing. Yet we never allow them to take the forefront of what happens next. Instead, often men allow themselves to succumb to fear, regret and worry, leaving these ideas to be forever forgotten.

But how long can that go on for?

Do you want to eternally let the “what ifs” always win the war over what course of action you take?

In order to succeed you must be willing to let them go and believe.


The man who wasn’t sure enough

Act Like Your Future Self

To put things in perspective, consider the man who wants to become an inspirational leader. He practices his routine alone in his hotel room a few hundreds of times before the big show hoping to deliver a masterpiece to the audience.

No matter how long he practices or how many times, it will always end up being a nightmare whenever he attempts to communicate with the crowd on stage.

Some will say he was just not naturally born or gifted with this talent, while others will say he needs to practice more often.

The real struggle behind this all, is that he has not yet convinced himself he is in fact, the world’s greatest speaker.

He must build up his confidence, and trust himself enough to believe that without a doubt this is the person who he truly wants to become. He must envision himself being a leader before he can become one. Yes, he must challenge himself by practicing but more importantly, he must think and act as if he were his future self starting today.

To put it another way as H. Jackson Brown, Jr. once said,

“Opportunity dances with those already on the dance floor.”

In retrospect, if your dream or idea is to become a professional break-dancer, you will never become one if you never step a foot out on the dance floor. Even if you wish to sell the dance floor itself, you will never sell your products if you do not make the sales calls.

You must see yourself as becoming the person you want to be and act upon it. Too many men believe we must only act upon the idea, but at the root of all this stands one thing: ourselves.


You’re already successful

Use Your Ideas Wisely

Remember, every man has a goldmine of ideas at his disposal. How you choose to use your own is entirely up to you.

Most men will go a lifetime without understanding that an idea is the most powerful tool we posses on this planet.

It’s as simple as believing you can and doing everything to in your power to prove it.

To quote Woody Allen:

“Eighty percent of success is just showing up.”

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