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Fluidstance The Level Review – Surfing While Working

Your hands and fingers move all day long, but the rest of your body? Not so much. Why is that? If you’re like me, every day you spend hours and hours in a chair at your office desk.

The same old position really takes a toll on you after awhile and taxes the body.

Luckily, I came across something unique…

It’s called “The Level” and it’s made by a California company called Fluidstance. (In a minute here you’ll know why the name is so fitting.)

Instead of just raising your desk up in the air and standing, The Level takes a different approach.

It adds in something other solutions still haven’t figure out yet: Movement.

It’s what makes being upright while working at the office desk feel fun and far more natural.

With that said, go ahead and explore my Fluidstance The Level Grain Maple review alongside all the cool highlights and features below.



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Beautiful design: Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m a sucker for brilliant design and engineering. The die-cast aluminum base is stunning. I could easily hang it on the wall and admire it all day. Speaking of which, their Artist Edition is even more remarkable. Designed in collaboration with Santa Barbara-based artist R. Nelson Parrish, it’s truly a masterpiece that belongs in a museum.

Fluidstance Artist Edition

Cool Fluidstance Height

Beautiful Dark Brown Maple Grain On Fluidstance Board


Fluidstance Details Rubber Edge

Quality craftsmanship: It’s kind of a given considering the design and engineering mentioned above. Fluidstance really knocked it out of the park. If you’re wondering why these cost as much as they do, well, there’s your answer. Of course, also consider that 90% of the production consists of products sourced from the U.S. too.

Everything from the hardwood and powdercoated finish to the locking four bolts, rubber stoppers and so on is meticulously crafted. Personally, I’d have to a hard time seeing them top this. It really doesn’t get any more durable than this.


Fluidstance Level Product Review

Fluidstance Patent Design

Fluidstance Review Deck Edges Hardwood Maple Laminate

Weight: The Level does have a really heavy-duty construction however, it doesn’t weigh a whole lot. I could easily carry to a second office or even a board meeting if I was feeling so bold. And thanks to the design of the bottom there’s plenty of places to grab it securely while you’re on the go.


Fluidstance The Level Grain Maple Finish

Fluidstance Warning Label On Back Of Deck

Eco-conscious materials: A Greenguard certified finish, zero waste process sand-casting, and decks made of bamboo, which is not only abundant but also renewable, makes for a fine environmentally friendly grade. In my book, that’s a great thing!


Fluidstance With Maple Deck Review

Fluidstance With Maple Grain On Level

Maple Level Grain Fluidstance

Silver Fluidstance Back

Silver Fluidstance Label On Maple Grain Deck


Far more comfortable than you’d first think: As someone who works at a desk, often from morning to night, the last thing I want to be doing is standing the entire time. I’ve heard all the buzz about free standing desks, but for my work load that’s just not going to happen. If it was desk placed over a treadmill that would be another story given the benefit.

However, the Level by Fluidstance offered a different opportunity. One I really wanted to take advantage of. It combined two great things in one: Movement and an upright body position. (Of course, adding a little fun as well doesn’t hurt.)

After giving it a try, I have to say, it felt good, really good! While I wasn’t technically floating off the ground itself, it sure felt like it. Normally while standing you feel all this pressure on your back, legs and feet. Yet, true to their name Fluidstance, all that weight just felt fluid. The difference between standing on the floor and on the deck was pretty much day and light. All the achy pressure was gone.

Standing With Two Feet On The Fluidstance

Swivel action: I was surprised by how freely the deck moved around on carpet, tile and hardwood floors. If I had to describe it in two words they would be “effortless” and near “frictionless”. Regardless of the surface I put the board on, I will still able to spin a full 360 degrees around over and over without having to push hard at all.


Top Deck With Shoes Fluidstance

Awesome Fluidstance Balance

Cool Fluidstance Stand Up Office Board

Fun: Standing on the board makes those really boring repetitive tasks seem less painful. In a sense it balances out being a robot and being a human as you type and move away.


Dress Shoes On Fluidstance Deck

Level Fluidstance How It Works

The right amount of flex: It’s really tough to fall off this board. Just when you’re about to, rubber edges near the corners keep your feet steady by snuggling the board up against the floor. Now, the disclaimer says to use at your own risk, and naturally I decided to be as risky as possible about it. I jumped on it while doing spins, tilted back and forward while spinning, and so on. Somehow there was always the right amount of traction for my feet.

Clearly the engineers behind Fluidstance took into consideration a wide range of movements people would be attempting. It’s a great feeling knowing the board won’t slip out from underneath me. I’d prefer not to fly across the room after making one wrong step or loosing balance after sneezing.


Review Of The Fluidstance Level Maple Grain Deck


Ready to consider stepping away from your chair too? Try Fluidstance, I’m sure you’ll be as pleased as I am. Move your mouse over to the link below and discover what the “movement” is all about.


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