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Contact Next Luxury

No matter what your thoughts may be, customer service at Next Luxury is a top priority. We appreciate the time you spend contacting us which is why we often can return a reply back within under 10 minutes. Please however allow for up to 24 to 48 hours depending on the number of previous support related inquires. In the mean time feel free to browse around our men’s magazine, buyer’s guide and forums while you wait.

1/ News And Article Suggestions

Have a breaking news tip or an article suggestion related to men’s lifestyles? Send them our way to look over! At Next Luxury we’ll take a further glance at what you think might interest our readers and community. We’re always on the search for the latest in men’s news, products, and popular topics. Sometimes we can’t cover them all, but with your help we can do an even better job and make the experience even better!

2/ Corrections And Technical Issues

Perhaps you’ve discovered a technical problem on our website, or stumbled across a grammatical correction while reading an article. We’re here to listen and take note of what needs to be resolved. On behalf of all of us at Next Luxury, we appreciate your time in making us aware of any mistakes! Our biggest focus is to make sure everyone has the perfect experience, and by reporting these issues to us you greatly help us reach that goal. Let us know what part of the site functionality you’re having issues with by sending us a detailed description of any problems you’re experiencing.

3/ Advertising Opportunities

Looking to reach a primarily male audience to make a big marketing impact for your service or product? Next Luxury has options and opportunities available to help your business and brand. Take a glance at our advertising information to learn more about our hand-crafted solutions. Our advertising page showcases a small portion of our online creatives, and provides more details on how to inquire about rates and additional services.

4/ General Comments And Feeback

We’d love to hear your ideas for making Next Luxury better! From marketing ideas to your constructive feedback and thoughts we’re here to listen and make improvements. No matter how small or large your suggestions may be, we read them all and take note. So send us a review and let us know what you think or what you might do differently.

You can write to use via e-mail at

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