Top 25 Best Cool Flasks For Men

Top 25 Best Cool Flasks For Men – Keep Your Pocket In Good Spirit

When it comes to the popularity of flasks, there’s more than meets the eye. For any gentleman, this concealed container isn’t vulgar to carry, in fact, it’s literally quite tasteful!

For ages men have been carrying around their prized spirits.

From pig bellies and leather pouches called “bladders” to hollowed out fruit for a day spent working out in the fields. Within time the Victorian era would arrive, leading to the popularity of powerter, silver and glass too.

Yet, even today you’ll still find the popularity of hip flasks growing in the trousers and coat pockets of men. Not to mention, when it comes to modern day weddings, it continues to reign as one of the top groomsmen gifts out there.

Now, while the flask may be subtle and discrete, just about everyone can see when you sneak a few sips.

Don’t worry, just consider it something you’re happy to pass around and share with everyone. You’ll garnish respect quite easily that way.

To give you a bit of protection against old man Winter and the dreaded scoreless ballgames, I’ve put together a collection of the top 25 best cool flasks for men.

From leather to copper, stainless steel, exotic woods and more, there’s something unique for just about any special occasion or man out there.


Brizard & Co. Lizard Pattern Leather Flask 6oz

Brizard And Co Lizard Pattern Leather Flask For Men


Add a touch of class to any pocket with this handsomely embossed lizard pattern leather flask. With 6 ounces and a captive top you can be sure of a good time no matter where you travel. From casual camping trips to formal occasions, this flask will literally blend right in.


Brizard & Co. Ostrich Leather Flask 8oz

Brizard And Co Ostrich Leather Flask For Men

$120 / BUY IT HERE

For when you want handsome craftsmanship and striking good looks from your flask, Brizard & Co. delivers. On the exterior of this 8 ounce bottle you’ll find a beautiful handcrafted Ostrich leather finish. And even though, the premium price may be a bit higher, you’ll be glad to know it’s made 100% in the USA. From the stainless steel body to the captive top, you can expect paramount quality.


Briazrd & Co. Rare Macassar Ebony Wood Flask 8oz

Brizard And Co Rare Macassar Ebony Wood Flask For Men


Encasing this stainless steel flask is a rare and exotic ebony wood for an elegant sense of style. For the professional man with a keen eye for masculine fashion, it not only looks great but also functions just as well. The captive top won’t come lose while the 8 ounces of precious inside won’t leak on out.


Coleman Stainless Steel Flask 8oz

Coleman Stainless Steel Flask For Men


When it comes to this Coleman flask it’s more or less suited for the man who doesn’t require anything overly fancy. Say for instance you’re a frequency camper, it will fare well in the great outdoors. It’s brushed stainless steel finish maintains it’s appeal even through more brutal conditions.

I wouldn’t suggest carrying on with a pricey suit, however if you’re on a budget, you’ll be glad to know this flask doesn’t require digging deep into your wallet.


Coleman Tailgater Flask And Funnel 8oz

Coleman Tailgater Flask And Funnel For Men


With a twist off lid that’s attached to the body , you can be sure you’ll never the lose the cap out in the woods. There’s also a handy funnel to ensure you don’t spill all over the place either.

For hand comfort and a touch of elegant style Coleman has added a smooth, split-grain leather casing. Paired with the polished stainless steel top and bottom sticking out, the overall look is quite pleasing to the eyes. Just remember to be extra careful when cleaning it, we’re talking about split-grain leather on stainless steel here. If you put it under boiling water or let soak it overnight, you won’t be happy with the results.


Colonel Conk Sunstar Rimless Flask With Honeycomb Pattern 6oz

Colonel Conk Sunstar Rimless Flask For Men With Honeycomb Pattern


For not having such a well known name, you’ll be really surprised by this Colonel Conk flask. It’s like the Cadillac of flasks at a more reasonable price any man can comfortably afford. Aside from the cool honeycomb pattern, you’ll also find a small square block ready to be engraved.

For drinking, the rimless top is excellent with a smooth feel to the lips. While in your hands, the container feels as heavy-duty as it looks. With a closer inspection you’ll notice the machining marks too, which gives a good indication it was made with a bit more care to quality in mind.

In terms of capacity, the Sunstar holds 6 ounces, all of which won’t leak out even when full.


Cork Pops Nicholas Portside Flask

Cork Pops Nicholas Portside Flask For Men


If you’re a sailor at heart who has a strong passion for the seas then you’ll appreciate the portside flask. Aside from the cool nautical-themed design, it features a transparent glass window to effortlessly keep a close eye on your precious cargo. Speaking of which, it will transport 4 ounces safely with no leaks.


Filson Men’s Leather Flask 6oz

Filson Men's Leather Flask


Classy and elegant, the exterior bridle leather is quite enjoyable to look at. Though, to be fair, it does require a bit of careful handling. Yet, aside from the handsome leather, you’ll be glad to know the stainless steel container is made in the USA. It also holds 6 ounces of your favorite whiskey or liquor, all without leaving any unwanted taste in your booze.


Green Ace American Flag Flask 6oz

Green Ace American Flag Flask For Men


Have a strong sense of patriotism for the good old USA? Love the red, white and blue? Celebrate by taking a sip from this cool American flag flask! Each features a stainless steel body, in addition to two shot cups and one funnel. Now, even though it’s faux leather, it surprisingly fares quite well in long term when it comes to durability.


Island Dogs Thirst Aid Flask 6oz

Island Dogs Thirst Aid Flask For Men


If you have a good sense of humor you’ll enjoy this manly thirst aid flask. For all those sudden emergencies, simply reach in your pocket to refresh just about situation with a splash of cool entertainment. With 6 ounces on hand and a solid stainless steel construction, you can be sure this lifesaver will deliver when you need it the most!


Jacob Bromwell Great American Copper Flask

Jacob Bromwell Great American Copper Flask For Men

$200 / BUY IT HERE

A worthy tradition; this hand-built solid copper flask pays close attention to old fashioned craftsmanship and fine detail. Not only is the design accurate for the time period, but it also comes with an American Birch stopper too!

Now, if you’re wondering what makes a flask made of copper worth 200 bones, I’ll tell you. It’s properties are excellent when it comes to being sanitary! It’s a good reason why copper was by far, one of the most popular choices for things like surgical tools, bar tops, the undersides of vintage sailing shops, etc at one point.

Keep in mind that copper like titanium, is another one of those pricey metals. You’re paying for the material costs in addition to the craftsmanship of course.

Maxam Stainless Steel Antique World Map Flask 8oz

Maxam Stainless Steel Antique World Map Flask For Men


Take a trip around the world with every sip. The Maxam Antique World Map Flask features a vintage style wrap just like your grandfather’s old suitcase. While traveling you’ll enjoy 8 ounces of your favorite liquor, however, you’ll still need to acquire a funnel.


Maxam Stainless Steel Pistol Flask 6oz

Maxam Stainless Steel Pistol Flask For Men


If you want to conceal your love for booze like James Bond, this pistol flask will do the trick! The design is truly one of a kind, plus it comes with the leather holster too. In a sense, it takes the idea of concealed carry to a whole new level. Aside from it’s precise 6 ounce capacity, you can be certain it will be quite the conversation starter.

Just make sure you have plenty of ammo on hand before heading off to your next mission.


Zippo Men’s Flask 3oz

Men's Zippo Flask


If you’ve ever owned a Zippo light two things probably come to mind: Quality and craftsmanship. The same is true for this flask despite it’s super reasonable price tag. The stainless steel exterior finish is stunning, while the rubber gasket seal on the interior adds a bit of leak-proof confidence.

However, when this flask really shines is it’s sturdiness, even though it’s quite small and compact in size. You can comfortably store 3 ounces of liquor inside, which should last you a coupe drinks or around nine holes of golf.


Savage Stainless Steel Hip Flask 6oz

Savage Stainless Steel Hip Flask For Men


Sure, it’s stainless steel like most, however, what makes it unique is the fine attention to detail.The sleek mirror polished finish is quite beautiful, even if your reflection in it isn’t! Behind the shine you’ll find 18/8 stainless steels walls which comfortable store 6 ounces.

Overall, this bottle has more retro sense of style, not to mention it feels well built. In comparison to other flasks, it’s heavier, however in terms of sturdiness it’s definitely a good thing.


SE HQ90 Stainless Steel Hip Flask 8oz

SE HQ90 Stainless Steel Hip Flask For Men


If under seven dollars sounds like a solid deal, you might be surprised to know this flask also comes with a handy funnel too. The SE HQ90 arrives in stainless steel with a capacity to hold up to 8 ounces of your favorite brandy.

Each has a secure, screw-on cap for a worry-free carry, however just remember that it’s not dishwasher safe.


Smarters & Branson Whale Hand-Stiched Needlepoint Flask 6oz

Smathers And Branson Whale Hand-Stitched Needlepoint Flask For Men


Don’t let the hand-stitched blue whale print fool you! Even if you’re not a fan of this design, you’ll be glad to know that Smarters & Branson also makes flasks with other styles like foxes, yellow labs, the American flag, and even a black tie affair among many others.

Regardless of your favorte, you’ll still find a full grain leather trim at the top and a stainless steel body on the inside. Speaking of which, the body on this pocket accessory stores around 6 ounces of your best booze.

Snow Peak Titanium Curved Flask 6.7oz

Sneak Peak Titanium Curved Flask For Men

$125 / BUY IT HERE

So, you want to carry a little more liquor in your pocket? Don’t worry, Snow Peak’s curved flask has a little more room at 6.7 ounces. Plus, it’s still around a cool 2 ounces in weight thanks to the titanium construction.


Snow Peak Titanium Square Flask 5oz

Snow Peak Titanium Flask For Men

$160 / BUY IT HERE

At a premium price tag you might be wondering just how much this titanium flask weighs.. Surprisingly, only 2.3 ounces! Though, it still holds 5 ounces or five shots of your favorite top-shelf liquor. Speaking of which, sure it’s expensive and a bit extreme, but why put your precious and pricey booze in a cheap flask?

Over the long-haul you’ll come to enjoy more than just lasting lasting quality, you’ll also enjoy celebrations with friends, an emergency fire starter and antiseptic, and of course the ability to spice up any drink within an arms reach at all times. Sounds as good as your premium booze tastes, right?


Matte Black Stanley Adeventurre Stainless Steel Flask

Stanley Adventure Stainless Steel Flask For Men


As one of my personal favorites, you’ll find the Adventure flask comes with 18/8 stainless steel walls for a rugged design. When it comes to Stanley brand products, durability often comes to mind considering they’ve been in the bottle business since 1913. You can really see this ringing true when you look at the powder coat exterior finish and wide mouth design. Not to mention, if that’s not enough Stanley also offers a Built for Life lifetime warranty!

Now, aside from being leak and rust proof, which just about any man will appreciate, each is also naturally BPA-free too. No matter if you’re into camping or the professional business man in the office, this flask will surely fit in it quite well.
Hammertone Green Stanley Classic Flask

Stanley Classic Flask For Men


Just like the Adventure flask, the classic also features exceptional craftsmanship. If greens you’re thing you’ll still get the integrated lanyard to keep the cap in place plus the lifetime warranty too.


Top Shelf Flasks Stainless Steel Hip Flask 8oz Assorted Colors

Top Shelf Flask Stainless Steel Hip Flask For Men Colored


Just about anyone can get a flask engraved, but when it comes to color it’s more of a rarity to find. What’s really truly unique about this hip flask is that it arrives in nine different color choices. Everything from classic black to the more bold and bright like baby blue and burnt orange.

In terms of capacity, the stainless steel design allows for 8 ounces at very reason price.


Vargo Titanium Flask With Funnel

Vargo Titanium Flask Funnel For Men


When you want your flask to go on a diet you turn to Titanium. And while it may feel lighter in weight, the construction still remains incredibly solid. However, when it comes to this Vergo flask what makes it unique is that it features titanium on both the body and lid. No shortcuts here.

There’s also a really nice integrated silicone funnel to make filling it up a total breeze. Not to mention, cap threads are exceptionally well done, which is hard to find when it comes to a good deal of flasks out there.

Now, if you’re wondering if Titanium makes for an odd taste in your booze, it does not. Every sip you take from the 8 ounces inside will taste like pure perfection!


Visol Outlaw Gunmetal Hip Flask 8oz

Visol Outlaw Gunmetal Hip Flask For Men


If you’re on budget, you’ll be glad to know the Outlaw still provides for attractive eye appeal. It features 18/10 stainless steel with a mirrored gunmetal finish for a sleek look. Not to mention, you can choose what capacity suits you the best with 6 ounce and 8 ounce options.


Visol Providence Stainless Steel Liquor Flask 6oz

Visol Providence Stainless Steel Liquor Flask For Men


The Providence arrives in your choice of either a mirror or stain finish. Regardless of which you choose, each still features 18/8 stainless steel walls and the ability to store 6 ounces inside. Speaking of the interior, you’ll be glad to know that know of your treasured brandy will make it’s way on out. Not to mention, the captive top ensure your cap will never go missing either!

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