Pergola Ideas

Top 60 Best Pergola Ideas – Backyard Splendor In The Shade

“Splendor in the shade” might be the old-fashioned way to describe the elegant use of the pergola, but today’s designs add a bit of edge to this outdoor must-have.

Freestanding or an extension of one’s backyard patio, the pergola’s flexibility makes it an ideal addition to one’s home.

Landscape plays a huge role in the pergola’s layout, with everything from surrounding trees, flora & fauna, and even your own house providing the ideal canvas on which to incorporate the pergola. Erected under the shady branches of a beloved family tree or built as a stand-alone structure complete with a fireplace and built-in seating area, the pergola can be adapted to any greater household scheme, while providing years of in-style use and enjoyment.

Open-and-shut sides and latticework are ideal for the cottage inclined, while solid stucco and thick wooden beams leave a particularly dramatic impression. Columns and pillars lend a grand classical influence, while the simple accent pergola creates just as lovely an impression, without all the pomp or fuss.

Your outdoor space is something of an open-air living room, dining room, and personal venue all rolled into one. It is where you can relax, entertain, and make the very most out of your home’s surroundings. These pergola ideas are the finishing touch on the haven you’ve painstakingly created, and thanks to its endless catalogue of design options to choose from, your own piece of paradise is less than a season away.


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