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Apple Releases Their iPhone 5 With All New Features To Love

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Apple has released their brand new iPhone 5, and while it might look similar in appearance to the previous models, it combines a wide-range of all new features. The new iPhone 5 features: A larger 4-inch Retina display screen, faster A6 processor in addition to increased battery life, improved 8 Megapixel iSight camera with panorama mode and a sapphire lens cover, aluminum uni-body construction and glass enclosure, 720p Face-time high definition front facing camera, high speed LTE connectivity with dual-channel 802.11n 5GHZ networking ability, all-new Ear Pod headphones, and a new and reversible Lighting dock connector.

Apple iPhone 5 Back

Apple iPhone 5 Features

One of the many features we love is the improved screen size featuring the gorgeous 4-inch Retina display. And while this new screen may be the same width of the previous iPhone 4S model, Apple delivers with 18 percent more pixels and an 1136 by 640 resolution for flawless colors and clarity. Thanks to this advantage you’ll be able to play games, look at photography and read text with a lifelike feeling of actually being in the moment. For getting all of that content and media, the ultra-fast wireless makes it a seamless experience with the new LTE and dual-band 802.11N wireless connectivity. And to connect with the rest of the world and your own lifestyle, the iPhone also includes Siri. It has been said to have been upgraded to provide better answers to your questions, plus you’ll have the ability to do update your status instantly on social sites by asking it to do so.

Apple iPhone 5 Back

Apple iPhone 5 Screen

Wrap all of this together and Apple still manages to deliver a phone that’s thinner, lighter, and faster by weighing just a mere 112 grams and having a reduction of eighteen percent in thickness. The new phone starts at a price point of $199 and increases to $399 depending on the version you choose. There are three versions available ranging from 16, 32, and 64GB of storage, plus your choice of two colors white or black.





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