Baxton Studio Fargo Wood Desk

Baxton Studio Fargo Brown Wood Desk

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This modern desk is constructed to withstand the rigors of a hard-working man without squeezing your knees under a desk that is too short. Made of rugged rubber wood with a beautiful dark brown veneer, this piece can lend modern elegance to your man cave or study. Whether you’re a writer by trade, an avid gamer or only need a work space for monthly bills, this desk is the perfect piece.

While some homes are dominated by antique rolltop desks or office-supply castoffs from business liquidations, this desk has an air of functionality and ease to it. It only has two drawers and two cubbies, meaning that things cannot be lost. The simplicity of it will help you avoid costly late payments, refiling fees or other paperwork nightmares. The solid top can also serve as a shelf for reference materials or treasured books.

If you’re ready to graduate to an adult desk after years of working at the dining room table, this Baxton piece is a great choice. Manly, simple and uncomplicated, it will soon become your favorite seat in the house. Some assembly is required, so arrange for a buddy to come lend a hand if you are not mechanically inclined.

Baxton Studio Fargo Modern Dark Brown Office Desk

Baxton Studio Fargo Desk

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