Baxton Studio Pacini Dark Brown Wood TV Stand

Baxton Studio Pacini Modern TV Stand

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When you’ve finally settled on a place to live and are aiming to create the perfect bachelor pad, it means finding the right furniture. It should be home decor you can live with that’s easy to clean and well-suited towards your needs. It all comes down to the interior design, because the items in your home really do make a personal statement. Plus not only will friends be over for man-time but also, the ladies, which may or may not include your mom.

In return, the Baxton Studio Pacini modern TV stand has it all, including functionally and serious design appeal. Not only was it designed to look sleek, masculine, and project an air of sophistication, but it’s also easy to clean. Just wipe it down with a dry cloth and dusting is done.

Baxton Studio Pacini Modern TV Stand

Low to the ground, it has room for all your electronics and accouterments. It’s a perfect place to set up your television and stereo, with three cabinets sealed behind tempered glass doors. That means you’ll be able to see your stuff, but won’t have to worry about dusting or unattractive jumbled cables poking out.

Each dark brown cabinet has an adjustable center shelf, so you can tailor it to whatever you’re storing. The Baxton Studio Pacini also features a well-engineered wood design with faux wood grain paper veneer. Which of course, means it will look heavy and expensive without putting a cramp either in your bank balance, or your back the next time you move.

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