Modern DecoMates Non-Ticking Silent Wall Clock

DecoMates Non-Ticking Silent Wall Clock


Time keeps ticking whether we want it to or not, but the DecoMates wall clock surprisingly doesn’t. Don’t misunderstand us, it will still give you the time, the temperature and humidity. Yet it also delivers all this without the ticking sound. This clock is simply put, not extravagant nor does it “dress up” a room. What it will do is add a simple, functional elegance to any man’s office or home.

The DecoMates Non-Ticking Silent wall clock has three hands: An hour, minute and second hand. It keeps accurate time with one AA battery. The clock is designed with a simplistic nature, meaning it’s made of refined glass and steel. It is easy to clean as the lens is flat and covers the entire surface.

DecoMates Non-Ticking Silent Wall Clock - Aluminum Green

In addition, these clocks also have a Fahrenheit thermometer and a hygrometer. A hygrometer measures the moisture in the air, the humidity. If you have wooden instruments at home, you already know that too much moisture can cause damage. Certain rare books should also be protected from humidity. Moisture can also accumulate and cause mildew in bathrooms and basements. A basement man cave might be the perfect location for the DecoMates Non-Ticking Wall Clock with Built-In Thermometer (Fahrenheit) and Hygrometer.

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