F In Exams Book Richard Benson

F In Exams Book By Richard Benson

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You certainly don’t need a degree to be creative, just take a glance at some of the world’s top billionaires who dropped out of college. There are people like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and a handful of others who merely were not fans of test taking. To capture the creativity and ingenuity of problem solving, Richard Benson put together the best totally wrong test answers.Richard Benson F In Exams Book

His book, F in Exams, showcases some of the more brilliant ways to answer a question while being correct and yet still totally wrong at the same at time. This collection of humorous remarks proves that winning while failing can be achieved if you just put your mind to it.

Each witty remark makes for an enjoyable burst of laughter and should lighten the mood for future test takers. And although the F in Exams book can be quite repetitive at times, if you read it in short intervals you’ll be amused for hours.

Perhaps it might boost your problem solving and make you want to start thinking outside of the box as well. Whichever your takeaway is, you’re bound to gain both a feeling of humor and a sense of future creativity.

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