Iain Sinclair CardSharp2

Iain Sinclair Credit Card Folding Knife The Card Sharp 2

BUY IT HERE The Card Sharp 2 is super sharp utility knife that fits inside of your wallet thanks to its super small credit card size. It starts in a credit card shape but can quick transform into a useful pocket tool with three folding maneuvers. It features a stainless steel surgical blade with a polypropylene body, which means your hinges will be guaranteed for life, and you’ll experience rust free sharpness for years to come. It’s 2.2mm thick and weights only 13 grams and when compare to other tools it’s extremely on the light side. The Card Sharp 2 does include a safety lock to prevent injuries and accidents, and won’t open inside of your pocket when locked.Iain Sinclair Design Cardsharp2 Credit Card Sized Folding Knife with Silver Blade

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