Karlsson Wall Clock Mixed Numbers

Karlsson Mixed Numbers Wall Clock


“Hey, buddy, what time is it?” Now, when you get asked that age-old question, you can point to a cool piece of art that’s also a clock! It’s the Karlsson Mixed Numbers Wall Clock, a perfect clock by Precise Time for the man cave, or any room in the home or office. It’s 20 inches across, big enough to be read from anywhere in the room, and by using only a single AA battery, you don’t have to plug it in, so it can be put on any wall, anywhere.
When the guys look to figure out the time (after some initial, laugh-inducing confusion), they’ll be able to see thanks to the white hands standing out from the jumble of numbers in the background. It not only tells the accurate time, the unique Karlsson Mixed Numbers Wall Clock will be the subject of the hour in the man cave before, during and after the big game, or a great conversation starter wherever you put it, in your home or office.


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