Kikkerland Bear Home Office Organizer

Kikkerland Bear Home Office Organizer

$20 / Buy It Here

Organizing your home office doesn’t mean you have to you have to settle for a dull storage setup. Routinely working hard late at night is already a mundane process, so why not add touch of creativity and fun to your desk or wall? Thanks to the Kikkerland Bear Organizer, you’ll have the perfect way to make your organizational efforts seem stylish.

At close to 10 inches tall, this steel figure bear frame will store all of your letters, bills and paperwork. It’s also large enough to house items such as an envelope or magazine as well. Plus this animal companion has a unique design with protruding points in the frame so you can hang up keys or even jewelry should you want to.

Kikkerland Bear Organizer

With a price tag of an even $20 bill, the value is certainly there when you consider the fact that other office organizers and storage items are in the same price range. Not to mention, the Kikkerland Bear Organizer is fun and creative, yet it’s still professional and fitting for the home office setting. All in all, it’s the perfect addition for any man who wants to keep his office together with decor that’s masculine and manly.

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