Kikkerland Log Pillow Micro Bead

Kikkerland Log Pillow Micro Bead

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Love the great outdoors but not a fan of sleeping in the wilderness every night? Check out the Kikkerland log micro bead head pillow cushion. With a realistic looking 3D log design you’ll sleep like a log at night. Or you know, just fall asleep with one thanks to the comfortable components inside this pillow. With polyester and spandex on the outside this cushion stretches for an ample amount of comfy support. On the inside of this pillow, it’s filled with micro beads, otherwise known as polystyrene. Surprisingly this is one squishy pillow that’s actually manly.

Yet perhaps one of the best features of this pillow is just how real it looks when you’re not up close. Kikkerland has done a phenomenal job with this photorealistic print, ad you might actually fool yourself into believing it. Add it to your man cave, bachelor pad, or log cabin if you have one, and you’ll have décor that’s both fun and comfortable.

 Kikkerland Log Pillow Micro Bead Cushion

In return it’s great if you’re looking a gift for a friend that’s fewer than twenty dollars. However keep it mind it is more of a novelty item and a décor piece, so if you plan on sleeping with it every single night, you’ll want to be careful since picking up micro beads can be a hassle if it splits open.

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