Leather Honey Conditioner

Leather Honey Leather Conditioner

BUY IT HERE Leather defines the style of your car’s interior, boots, couch, briefcase, and so much more, so keep it clean and protect it from water damage and deterioration from the elements. To do so, we picked up a bottle of the popular honey leather conditioner to review, and we we’re nothing short of impressed. And what would you really expect coming from an American family owned business that’s been in operation since the 60’s? Leather Honey has been perfecting the craft of their home-made product ever since their first test run on mailman’s pair of leather shoes. Today they have transitioned into new areas within the market, and are proud to stand behind the product Leather Honey, a universal leather conditioner for everything from car seats to boots.

This product softens, moisturizes and delivers flexibility which not only improves the feel, but also the appearance of your leather. With its water repellent formula you’re going to also increase the life of your leather at the same time. Yet one of the most notable features is its ability to really sink down deep into the leather, where other conditions fall short, this one penetrates. And perhaps one of our favorite features is there’s absolutely zero silicone, plus it’s odorless and doesn’t leave behind a gunk like stickiness. However keep in mind it can be a bit sticky if you plan to immediately use the leather right after your first application. So take a moment and plan things out, our recommendation is to apply it in the night time and wake up the next morning to buff it out. You won’t see any stickiness or grease from that method. All in all it just takes some time and patience to get the job done right.

Leather Honey Leather Conditioner, Best Leather Conditioner Since 1968. For Use on Leather Apparel, Furniture, Auto Interiors, Shoes, Bags and Accessories. Non-Toxic and Made in the USA!

Yet it does come with a bit of a forewarning from what we experienced using it. First remember it’s not meant to be a cleaner, so you’ll need to grab a bottle of something like Murphy’s Soap Leather. Give it a quick pre-treatment and let it dry for about two hours before you start the process with Leather Honey. Secondly, there’s a bit of an issue when you accidently get it on plastics and rubbers, so make sure you diligently try to avoid those areas; especially the soles of your boots. And lastly, just keep in mind if you’re working with light leather it will darken them up a bit. We preferred this look, but some people might not; it’s really a personal preference.

Overall, if you’re looking that make that five year old leather jacket look like brand new again, then Leather Honey is a surefire way to make that happen. In most cases when we tried this out on our own leather goods, it left them looking better than ever, if not almost an exact match to when they were brand new. And for what it’s worth, a little bit of this product goes an absolutely long way. You literally don’t have to apply much at all to get it to work. The averaged sized 8oz bottle is around $16, and honestly that’s plenty, it will last you for years. So not only are you getting a solid value, but you’re also increasing the life time of your leather, making it a true win-win.





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