Lexington Modern Leather Office Chair

Lexington Modern Leather Office Chair

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The Lexington Modern mid-back leather office chair is the perfect addition to any home or work office. Its original design is based off the iconic 1969 characteristics giving it a modern, simple and sleek appearance. And with quality leather upholstery you’ll sit in complete comfort for hours no matter what the task is at your desk. It also features a stunning polished aluminum frame, tilt-swivel mechanism, and an adjustable seat height for the ultimate office luxury. The Lexington Modern office chair is one chair that’s not only looks strikingly good but is also just as comfortable. You’ll find the flexible suspension allows for not only comfort but also seamless moment around the office. Yet in the end while it might be an Eames reproduction, it’s still flawless in all manners making for one phenomenal chair.

Lexington Modern Office Chair

Lexington Modern Mid-Back Leather Office Chair Black And White

Lexington Mid-Back Office Chair

Lexington Mid-Back Leather Office Chair

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