Men's Octovo 48HR Leather Bag

Men’s Octovo 48HR Leather Bag

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If traveling in style at the top of your priority list, then it doesn’t get much better than the 48HR leather bag by Octovo. With remarkable Italian vegetable re-tanned leather in amber, black and grey color choices, this custom-made bag is made for men who want style with elegance. Over time you’ll come to love the unique character this bag has to offer thanks to worn leather telling your traveling story.

While on travels the Octovo 48HR bag makes storing your personal items effortlessly with practical storage utility. On the inside there is a padded pocket for storing things such as your laptop or paperwork. No longer do you have to fumble around in hunt for items that should be easily accessible in the first place. Plus there’s ample amounts of room with 38,000 cubic cm of storage to fit everything you want to take along inside.

Italian Men's Octovo 48HR Leather Bag

Men's Octovo 48HR Leather Bag Titanium

As far as durability goes, you may be quite pleased to know that it features titanium hardware. So not only does the Octovo 48HR bag offer strength, but there’s also the added bonus of it being on the lighter side thanks to the hardware. Octovo didn’t skimp on the zippers either, as the Swiss molded zinc zippers will your cargo tight without breaking apart.

Octovo 48 HR Leather Bag

All in all this is one seriously well-constructed and designed bag for men who want to travel in style. Sure the price tag is on the higher end into the thousand dollars plus range, but the quality deems it reasonable. Octovo has set the bar quite high, and you may be hard-pressed to find another bag on the market that can match the 48HR bag.

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