Men's PUMA Outline Cat Tee

Men’s PUMA Outline Cat Tee

$17 / Buy It Here

If you’re a man that prefers to keep his style simple and to the point, then the PUMA men’s outline cat tee will suit youMen's Puma Outline Cat T-shirt well. Made of 100% organic cotton, it is machine washable and incredibly comfortable to wear. There’s a rib knit collar which rests upon your neck softly, plus helps keep the shape together over time.

This tee comes available in your choice of two distinctive bold colors, Malibu blue and puma red with new navy. Both colors feature the PUMA cat logo in an over-sized outline across the left side of the shirt. It’s a basic design in terms of being a graphic t-shirt for men, but it certainly looks great when it’s all said and done.

Granted it is men’s athletic wear, the price tag is a bit higher at around $16 – $18 per tee depending on which size you go with. But if you take a glance at other name brand clothiers what you’ll find is the men’s PUMA outline cat tee is price considerably reasonable.

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