Men's Sebago Westfield Classic Shoes

Men’s Sebago Westfield Classic Shoes

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A comfortable shoe that looks good is always a great find. The Westfield Classic is just that, classic. It’s a well-made, stylish moccasin with a one-piece leather interior to keep your feet dry and comfortable. You don’t need to worry about getting hot spots from stitching rubbing against your foot as you walk. The all-leather uppers are durable and using natural leather means the shoe breathes. You can wear these anywhere and not be concerned about moisture building up in your shoes. The all-natural materials dry quickly and dry shoes mean no odor.

Sebago Westfield Classic Men's Shoes

The high quality, flexible soles are made of slip-resistant rubber and have excellent traction to go with the fantastic look of the shoe. Rubber soles mean that these are a great choice for deck or pool shoes and are even slip resistant on wet surfaces.

The full-grain leather uppers extend to the lowest part of the sole for a less formal look than a dress shoe. The hand-sewn construction adds a touch of class to the moccasin, and cleaning is a breeze. Just a quick dust off with suede cleaner and the shoes go from deck shoes to casual dinner wear. An all-purpose shoe for the guy on the go.

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