Men's Seiko 5 Blue Canvas Strap Watch

Men’s Seiko 5 Blue Canvas Strap Watch

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If you want to stand out without emptying your entire pocketbook out, then put on this men’s Seiko 5 blue canvas strap watch. It combines elegance with practical everyday utility making for one solid men’s fashion accessory. Developed with Japanese engineering in mind, you’ll find much more to love about this watch than simply its outer characteristics. However before we cover the inner workings of this automatic wristwatch, let’s go over Men's Seiko 5 Canvas Watch Blue Strap Automatichow it’s going to look while wearing it.

For starters, the Seiko 5 watch comes in a variety of different colors with your choice of blue, black, green or tan. So no matter what outfit or look your aiming for, you’ll have a watch that can match it flawlessly. Plus the washable canvas bands are comfortable and buckle well for a nice firm fit. Seiko has really tailored the look of this watch for everyday occasions such as being at the office, or going out on the town. It’s perfect for the men who want to go out with casual attire on, such as jeans and a dress shirt.

Aside from the color section and overall fashionable impression, perhaps one of the most admirable features is simply how easy it is to read. The nontraditional numbering on the face is creative and stylish, yet it still retains a core functional purpose. In a similar manner, the tip of the second hand sweep is colored in red in contrast to the grey markers. The Seiko 5 watch also features a convenient and well placed date window near the 3 o’clock position. All together it’s these smaller, finer details which make the overall watches design pack a bold, yet refined appearance.

As far as functionality goes, the two most noticeable takeaways from this watch are the luminous hands and waster-resistant of up to 30 meters. However perhaps the best feature you’ll love is that this watch has a self-winding movement. That means you’ll never have to hunt for new batteries, nor have to worry about the watch not working when you need it the most. As long as you keep it on your wrist for at least eight hours it will keep running, or if you choose to, you can always turn the crown to wind up the main spring.

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