Men's Timex T49905 Expedition Field Watch

Men’s Timex T49905 Expedition Field Watch

BUY IT HERE Timex reimagines the meaning of timeliness. This classic replica of a vintage military wristwatch shows that exuberant pomp fluidly transcends time. The retro marvel lends rustic sophistication to secret agent sex appeal, which generates a gravitational force of personal charm that surrounds the savvy wearer.

Timex Men’s T49905 Expedition Field Chronograph Black/Brown Leather Strap WatchThe watch resolutely commands respect. From the start, it is an intellectual’s timepiece. Thinking men will benefit from its cerebral display. Aptly titled as the Expedition, this surreal chronograph can reinvigorate any man’s adventerous spirit. With soulful brown hues, the leather is sure to lure endless compliments. A man of discerning taste can demonstrate his fruitful pursuit of value with this amazing electronic creation.

The arrangement of internal measurements allow for the day to be meticulously tackled, and the warm tones are profoundly soothing everytime the time needs to be checked. Additionally, an advanced INDIGLO night-light mechanism fosters a fantastically intuitive interactions with this cutting-edge device. It is a token of industrial craftmanship that has endured through the ages.

Timex proudly presents an unsurmised masterpiece; somehow, they have managed to blend steam-punk fantasy with casual business wear. Such a feat was clearly not an easy undertaking, but the brand undauntedly revived this glorious beauty from the lore of mankind’s warring past. This gorgeous machine was wrested from the clutches of destruction.

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