Studio Vertu New York Mets Marble Coasters

New York Mets Marble Coasters

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Just about every man knows the thrills and the desolation of every sports season, as they ride the tides of fortune along with their favorite team. Whether you still live in the City of Cities — New York, New York, or New York Mets Marble Coasters have made your home elsewhere, a die hard Mets fan supports more than a sports team, they support pride in the baseball team. Even if your team is on the upswing or taking a beating, you still cheer for them at every opportunity, and these great marble coasters are a perfect representation of that.

Crafted in the U.S.A. from tumbled Botticino Italian marble, this set of four-square coasters will display your baseball pride every time you reach for a drink. They’re hand-painted with images and colors that bear iconic cultural ties to what you love, and like your team spirit, these coasters will stand the test of time.

Marble is naturally resistant to moisture, so these coasters will serve on game days and every day, remaining as good looking as the first time you use them. They will stand up to any beating you send their way without flaking or fading. And since you’ll able to treasure this for a long time, everyone who visits your home will know exactly what team you proudly stand by years to come.

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