Polk Audio 10-Inch Monitor Series Floor Subwoofer

Polk Audio 10-Inch Subwoofer

$80 / Buy It Here

Looking to add some punch to your home theater or living room entertainment area, and make for the ultimate motive watching experiences? The Polk Audio 10 inch Monitor Series powered subwoofer will do it while being clean, balanced and budget friendly. It’s the perfect addition when you’re looking to add some pounding bottom end, while letting your main speakers focus on their main purpose of mids and highs. With the ten inch Dynamic Balance Woofer and built-in Intelligent Amplifier, you’ll get that rush from action movies, and feel as if you’re at the rock concert with deep pound bass. It also features low power consumption, a Composite Polymer Cone, and Laser-based Klippel measurement technology, which basically means the sound is more precise and clear. All of which is packed together in a compact non-resistant cabinet that’s low profile, and looks fantastic in both black and cherry wood tones.

Polk Audio PSW-10 Floor Subwoofer

Polk Audio Floor Subwoofer

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