TAG Heuer Men's Carrera Automatic Chronograph CV2A11 BA0796 Watch

TAG Heuer Men’s Carrera BA0796 Watch

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The TAG Heuer Men’s Carrera Automatic Chronograph Watch is a luxury timepiece that features the perfect blend of sport and elegance. Based off the ETA 7750 25 jewel automatic movement it’s been re-worked and re-vamped to give it the certification of being a TAG “Caliber”. It offers a sophisticated finish while still retaining a intriguing design, and without being overly flashy or bold. You’ll find a stunning sapphire crystal, contrasting dark and white hands and registers, color coded pushers, and a silver and white dial. Most notable is the large 43.5 mm case, which features a 3 register dial including a day and date window. However with 17mm of case thickness, you’ll be surprised to find out it actually feels like you are wearing a 45mm watch thanks to long flared lugs.

The TAG Heuer Men’s CV2A11 BA0796 Carrera Chronograph Watch

TAG Heuer Carrera Automatic Chronograph CV2A11 BA0796 Men's Watch
TAG Heuer Men's Carrera Chronograph CV2A11 BA0796 Watch

The 22mm bracelet on the TAG Heuer Men’s CV2A11 BA0796 Carrera chronograph watch also has a machine brushed finished, with a combination of both brushed and polished links. In essence it’s a five link bracelet, plus it’s machined and stamped so the dual opening clasp is firm and steady. So if you’re looking for a watch that fits a bigger wrist consider it a perfect fit, as it also has a thinner bezel, a domed sapphire, and a larger dial opening. For the sapphire crystal itself, you’ll notice there’s an AR coating on both sides which makes the dial itself become more apparent to the eyes.

TAG Heuer Men's Carrera Automatic Chronograph Watch
TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph CV2A11 BA0796 Watch

Underneath this you’ll find a Caliber 16 movement, a renowned and popular v7750 with a personal touch by TAG. For the dial, you’ll find it’s simplistic yet very attractive with a pure shade of white and a hint of silver. Primary 12 and 6 o’clock dials are ‘sunk in’, while the 9 o’clock dial recessed into the watch. Not to mention the chronograph hands feature bright red markings to make for an interesting contrasted appearance. Yet one of our favorite features is the 3D-like look thanks to TAG’s innovative date and day window machining. And lastly, it’s water resistance at up to 330 feet or 100m, making this the complete package for prestige, luxury and phenomenal style.





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