Taschen The James Bond Archives Book

Taschen The James Bond Archives Book

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Cinematic history is preserved so that mankind will never forget the best moments in the film industry. James Bond is the personification of what every man expects in their hero. The James Bond Archives book by Taschen documents the 50 years of superb film making that this franchise gave movie goers. Taschen The James Bond Archives Book 007

Abundance does not even begin to describe the endeavor that takes place underneath the cover of this book for men. The definitive collection of the accounts of cast and crew in filming every one of the James Bond films is present.

Stunning visuals, in depth interviews, and little known details from behind the scenes are just a few of the examples of the memorabilia collected in this work. The culmination of all things James Bond over the course of 50 years elevates this as the must have title for Bond fans worldwide.

The completeness of this work may never be approached again. The author, Taschen, spared no detail from being examined. The end work is worthy of being included in any man’s personal library to enjoy for many years to come.

James Bond 007 Archives Book By Taschen

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