Thabto Moustache Door Mat

Thabto Moustache Door Mat

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Looking to add a little character and curb appeal to your castle? How about a bit of uniqueness? Show off the true gentleman in you with this eye-catching one of a kind natural coir mustache door mat. Add a dash of flare to your already laid out bachelor pad while putting your originality on display.

Made of quality natural coir, this mustache door mat is a sure conversation piece. Designed by Thabto (Two Heads Are Better Than One), a London based design studio specializing in a full range of fun, unique and quirky original gifts, this natural coir door mat will let the ladies know just how dignified and sophisticated you truly are. Real ladies and gentlemen always wipe their feet before they enter a fine home.

What better way to put a smile on the faces of your visitors as they prepare to enter your abode than with these magnificent whiskers? Stand out from the crowd and show your true sense of style with this original one of a kind design.

Thabto Moustache Door Mat Rugs

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