Hot Tug-a Hot Tub Boat

The Hot Tug-a Hot Tub Boat Is A Wood Fired Floating Jacuzzi

($20,000) Buy It Here

Don’t have enough cash lying around to get both a boat and a hot tub? No problem, the Hot Tug-a Hot Tub boat combines both features together and makes for a much better experience. This new concept is a wood-fired floating Jacuzzi that will let you bring along up to six or eight friends for the adventure. Along the ride you’ll have comfort lounging around in 100 degrees F (38C) heat, with a setup time of just shy of two and a half hours. As well you can also choose to get an integrated electronic motor or outboard model, depending on your preference. The integrated electric motor ranges from 2.5 to 8 hours per each model, however if you want to extend that you can always opt to go with an outboard engine and cruise for as long as your fuel supply holds up.

Tug-a Hot Tub Boat

Floating Wood Fired Jacuzzi

Hot Tug-A Jacuzzi Tub

Floating Hot Tub Boat






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