Leatherman MUT Eod Multi-Tool

The Leatherman MUT Tactical Multi-Tool Combines Military and Practical

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The MUT from Leatherman comes with everything you’d expect from a company known for their durable tools and sharp blades. And regardless of your situation whether it be work in the field, everyone knows how invaluable an asset a great quality multi-tool can be. This one is crammed with as many tools as you can imagine, and the MUT brings both military and everyday civilian practical use tools together. You’ll find the standard pliers, knife, screwdriver, carabineer, hard wire cutters, bottle opener, 154CM replaceable wire cutters, wire strippers, among many other features.

Leatherman MUT Tactical Multi-Tool

And while the size may be slightly larger than most, there functionally it offers in return is worth the exception. If you are a firearms fanatic, law enforcement, solider or EMT chances are you will end up replacing several tools with this one alone. On the other hand if you don’t fit those profiles, you’ll still love the convenience it provides and find plenty of everyday uses for day to day fixes. As far as the higher price goes, you’ll have to keep in mind the endless amount of added functionally, plus the bonus additions with the extension and bit kit make this a perfect package.

Leatherman 850022 Tool

One specific feature to point out is its exceptional practices for shooters, especially those who own AR-15 or M-16s. The MUT has a pin removal punch that will definitely come in handy for those using Black Rifles as well. You’ll also find a bronze carbon scraping tool that will work on all guns without the risk of damaging the steel components that it comes into contact with. So if you’re looking for a tool that is solidly constructed and an excellent companion to those who require this type of special need, this is the one.

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