Rosle Pizza Wheel Cutter

The Rosle Pizza Wheel Is One Of The Best Pizza Cutters

$38 / Buy It Here

We all love eating pizza, but sometimes cutting it can be a challenge without the right cooking tools. However the Rosle Pizza Wheel has created a solution to this problem for pizza lovers everywhere. Thanks to its free-running roller blade, which delivers an even amount of pressure for perfect cuts, you’ll no longer be stuck with uncut homemade pies or delivery pizzas. This chrome pizza slicing device not only provides a bling factor, but it actually works thanks to the careful attention put into designing it. The blade is extremely sharp and makes cutting pizza crust, flatbread and even pastry dough an absolute breeze. It’s quite larger than most pizza cutters at 13.8 inches but it does dissemble for an easier cleaning process. Rolse is well known for their high-end quality cooking products, winning several awards and producing some of the best tools in the world.

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