The Sports Gene By David Epstein

The Sports Gene By David Epstein

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If you are a sports fan, or simply someone wanting to read more about genetics and their relation to sports, then the Sports Gene by David Epstein will be a wonderful read. This men’s book will provide you with an in-depth look into genetic makeup and the role it plays in athletic performance. Written in a first-person account with his own The Sports Gene By David Epstein Book sports experiences, David Epstein digs deep into the scientific research of elite athleticism. His book gives anyone reading it a firm understanding of the human body and our genetic physical traits, which is something most sports books seem to overlook.

The Sports Gene also offers a multitude of discussion into a variety of sporting events with plenty of data to back up each and every claim. This includes evidence in the form of Kalenjin runners, Asian weightlifters and European swimmers. Whether you are an athlete who is looking to read more into sports and the potential advantages you, or your opponent, may have, or perhaps someone else in the sports field, you can use this book for knowledge previously unconsidered.

In the end, The Sports Gene offers a look on athleticism that’s otherwise under appreciated. There have also been stigmas and claims made about sporting performance based of gender or race. However, this book takes an artistic and scientific approach to give reason behind the assumptions. All in all it makes for one well-rounded book that will leave you amazed as each misconception is revealed.

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