The System Book By Jeff Benedict

The System Book By Jeff Benedict

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With astute calculations, this novel earnestly debunks every myth and misconception that exists regarding college football. The author drops bombshell revelations on every page. The System Book College Football By Jeff Benedict
This brutal expository is downright scathing as it delves into the secret operations of one of America’s most beloved and cherished past times. This book belongs on a coffee table in every man cave and bachelor pad.

In riveting detail, it expunges every falsehood about the sport, and it galvanizes the athletics while dismantling the shrewdly unprincipled management. At the bottom line, an overwhelming majority of players in the NCAA are being taken used and discarded.

Football often takes an excruciating toll on their bodies, which leaves their professional careers in ruin before they begin. The multi-billion dollar industry fails to take care of the people that form the foundation of their enterprise. Jeff Benedict is the most articulately engaging sports writer of the decade. He casually breaks down the injustices that plague the popular sport from behind the scenes.

Even as the shocking details are unveiled, the author never once betrays incredulousness; instead, he excoriates the inhumane practices with an unflappable matter-of-fact tone. Any fan of college football needs to check out this coolly written insider’s look at college footballs biggest hot-button issues. With lightning-quick synthesis, it exposes a monstrous scandal.

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