Twelve South HiRise For Apple iMac

The Twelve South HiRise Gives Apple iMacs A Sleek Boost

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If you’re looking to organize your desk and do it in a sleek way, this new clever invention by Twelve South will do it. Their new HiRise pedestal raises your iMac up to an extra six inches to help reduce the strain on your neck, while also organizing your desk. Thanks to a magnetic storage space you can hide away clutter from your desk such as portable hard drives, cables, wallets, and more. As well, no longer are you stuck raising the height of your display up with books, printer paper, or cigar boxes, instead you’ll just need to slide your iMac’s stand right inside to give it that additional height boost.

Twelve South HiRise Apple Display

It works by using an internal metal support shelf that lets you set the perfect height based on one of six positions. Thanks to its creative design, the Twelve South HiRise will work with all iMac models that have the L-shaped stand, even the 27-inch Apple Display, Thunderbolt and Cinema Display. And while it might look sleek and pair incredibly nice with your iMac, at eighty dollars you’ll have to justify the cost over that college textbook that has been sitting around for ages.

iMac display height Hi Rise

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