Todd McLellan Things Come Apart Book A Tear Down Manual For Modern Living

Things Come Apart Book Todd McLellan

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A unique concept for a book, the Things Come Apart Book by Todd McLellan was made for the guy who is curious about how things are put together. It’s a concept that goes straight to the heart of most guys. This fascinating book illustrates a myriad of common, ordinary, everyday items with all the pieces laid aside to see. Every screw, nut Todd McLellan Things Come Apart Book
and spring is shown clearly.

This book is the ideal gift for the fix-it guy, the DIY man and for men who just like to get an inside view of the mechanical workings of things. Items like SLR cameras, both the ’70s version and 2012 version, a chainsaw, a ’60s blender, and even an entire airplane are illustrated with actual photographs, not drawings in the Things Come Apart book.

Not to mention, retro items are always hugely popular. A creative do-it-yourself guy who restores classic, antique-y items could really benefit from this Todd McLellan book. It’s the ideal addition to a man cave, home library, garage or fix-it shop. This is definitely a book for the man who has everything and wants to find out what makes it tick and how to keep it ticking!

Todd McLellan Things Come Apart Book Tear Down Manual For Modern Living

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