Tokens & Icons MLB Game Played Cufflinks

Tokens & Icons MLB Game Played Cufflinks

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If you treasure baseball games or being out on the field taking turns at the bat, you’ll love these Toke & Icons cufflinks. Each sterling silver men’s cufflink comes with a game played baseball mold into the fixture. Not to mention they have them available for every team you can imagine such as the New York Yankees and Cincinnati Reds. Each cufflink features a sleek engraving on the back with your favorite team’s name as well.Tokens & Icons MLB Men's Cufflinks

Perhaps the most interesting concept to this creative fashion accessory is that you can go online and review the ball’s history. You’ll be able to discover when the ball was used, and by what teams and stadium locations. Plus each one is certified to be authentic by the MLB thanks to this identification system in addition to the hologram on the back of the cufflinks.

The only real thing on your mind aside from forking over $170 for a pair of the Token & Icons men’s cufflinks, should be considering the ball’s history. You may end up with foul hit by a lesser known baseball player, but on the other hand you could be wearing a grand slam ball hit by one of the greats.

It’s a mystery and a bit of a game of chance, but if you want to preserve that dream, perhaps you might want to consider not trying to look up the ball. And regardless of what your final choice is, either way you’ll have a nice keepsake with a genuine major league baseball on a pair of stylish men’s cufflinks.

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