Topo Designs Travel Backpack Bag

Topo Designs Travel Backpack Bag

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Do you love to travel, but don’t like to confine yourself to a single mode of experiencing the world? Some places can’t be seen simply by catching a plane and checking into a hotel—you have to revisit what it means to journey in a classical sense. You’re not afraid of getting dirty or of exploring terra incognita.

Real strength is adaptable to every circumstance, which means a carry-on that fits under the seat and remains suitable to pack what you’ll need for heading into the unknown; bags designed and constructed with adventures of every variety in mind, whether it entails trekking deep into the mountains or navigating the maze of a strange city.

Men's Topo Designs Travel Trip Pack

Topo Designs Men's Backpacks

Topo Designs understands this, and has designed a series of modular backpack bags and travel organization to put you on the path to your next adventure, without having to gate check your carry-on. The Travel Series begins with a foundational Travel Bag—large enough to hold your largest travel necessities, but suitable for overhead compartments.

From there, you can choose your level of baggage needs and organization, whether you’re headed to a company convention or away from the things of Man, Topo has your back.

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