TYLT Band Car Chargers

TYLT Band Car Charger

$40 / Buy It Here

Standard car charger cables are boring; their old fashioned designs give them the perfect reason to be tangled up every day. However thanks to the silicone, flexible and two foot long TLYT Band car charger, there’s a new seamless design taking over your car’s cup holder space. Brilliant engineering makes these flexible cables a perfect addition to your ride thanks to their tangle-free design. They work with almost any phone or device you can imagine thanks to their USB port, plus there’s a special connector for Apple iPhones and iPods. And for recharging your gadgets on the road the TLYT Band car charger also features a high-powered 2.1A output. Priced around forty dollars their comparable to other chargers, the only question you have to ask yourself is if you’re ready to test drive innovation?

TYLT Band Car Charger Cable
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