Walter White Resin Lion Head Wall Decor Sculpture

White Resin Lion Head Wall Decor Sculpture

As one of the most recognized animals in the world, the lion commands respect and is often captured in nature with a display of power and dominance. Lions roam the forest with an attitude of freedom, and take charge to conquer the hunt. It’s a reminder of our own true calling, which is to be bold, determined and to take action.White Faux Taxidermy The Walter | White Resin Lion Head | Resin Hanging Wall Decor Sculpture | Animal Mounts | Trophy Taxidermy
Yet you don’t have to venture out into the wilderness to watch this majestic creature for inspiration. Instead you can capture the impression of the male lion’s fierce figure, and display it right on the wall at home. Thanks to the White Faux Taxidermy white resin lion head wall décor sculpture, you’ll always have a constant reminder of what it means to be in charge, powerful and respected.
At 12” tall and 16.5” wide this sculpture mounts directly onto your wall for an added touch of style in your bachelor pad. Every single model is also hand painted so you’ll have an original piece of artwork that’s uniquely yours. However keep in mind although these are individually hand-made, sometimes you get what you pay for.
In this case the price is more or less warranted once you truly consider the size of this wall décor. At 9 pounds this sculpture is a bit on the larger size; however that’s not to say that it doesn’t hang easy. There’s a keyhole in the back which makes putting it up on the wall a breeze!


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