Winsome Omaha Storage Baskets

Winsome Omaha Storage Rack

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Most guys have heaps of gear, gadgets, and stacks of paperwork from the office cluttered around the house waiting to be stored somewhere. Thanks to the Winsome Omaha Storage Rack with three fold-able baskets, you can stay organized and add a touch of style to your place. Made black-finished wood and chocolate colored corn husk baskets, it’s a modern office organizer yet with a manly approach to storage. Store shoes, guest towels, office supplies, etc you get the idea, their versatile in almost any room you can imagine. As well, these storage racks can purchased with a 2, 3, or 4 baskets, making them tailored to exact amount of storage space your place requires.

Winsome Omaha Storage Rack With 3 Baskets

Winsome Omaha Storage 3-Foldable Baskets

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