Zuo Lider Modern Office Chair

Zuo Lider Office Chair

$179 / Buy It Here

If you are looking for Herman Miller Eames chairs, but cannot justify the cost of a thousand plus for an office chair, the Zuo Modern office chair solves it. It is tough finding a chair that provides both eye-catching style and comfort, however with the retro-style Lider design characteristics, the Zuo Modern office chair is perfect addition to any office setting. The leatherette seat with horizontally stitched ribbing is comfortable yet also remains functional. Aside from being able to swivel it also features an adjustable height locking mechanism to match your favorite position. And for moving around you will find five capped chrome wheels, not to mention cast aluminum arms for comfort and stability. The Zuo modern office chair comes available in your choice of five colors including: Black, white, red, espresso, terracotta and pistachio, plus your choice of low or high-back.

Zuo Lider Leather Office Chair

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