How To Find Time To Work Out

How To Find Time To Work Out

Does the phrase, “I’m going start working out beginning tomorrow”, ring a bell or sound familiar to you? Most men have found themselves in that position only to discover that the next day passes, and so does the following day, yet nothing truly gets accomplished. We build up our motivation and can envision our goals, but the long journey ahead often gets the best of us. Chances are we’ll come up with a million or more excuses in order to avoid what’s really at the top of our priority list. In this case, it’s about taking that first step towards working out and hitting the gym.

For most men it’s not that they dread the process, in fact working out and getting exercise is actually enjoyable. But with things like surfing the internet, watching television shows, or even grabbing something to snack on, we lose focus on the path we need to be taking. In our minds we know we need to make the commitment to start picking up weights and moving our bodies. However what you might encounter is perhaps the biggest excuse most Men's Fitness Workoutsmen will seem to put at the forefront of their brains. And what is that you might ask? It’s “I don’t have time”, or “I’m too busy to get around to going to the gym.”

It’s understandable as every man has a busy lifestyle one way or another, but to accept it as being something that holds you back is well, unacceptable. Every day you wake up with the opportunity to achieve what you want to, and on the terms you want to. It takes a mental commitment coming from you as a man, because the reality of the situation is, most men genuinely do have extra free time. Maybe you’re not looking in the right places or perhaps you weren’t even aware of your options. Yet no matter what situation you happen to be stuck in, we’re going to give you some ideas on how to make going to the gym a reality on a busy schedule.

Firstly before we jump into the ideas of what you do to add some flexibility to your schedule, it’s important that we go over what it means to truly have free time. For instance let’s use this example; let’s say someone in your family is rushed to the emergency room. For most family men their going to drop whatever their doing and set their sole focus on making it to the hospital as fast and as quickly as possible. In that situation we develop an overwhelming sense of motivation and dedication towards meeting this task. Perhaps a loved one’s life is on the line and you don’t want to miss a single moment that you don’t have to.

Now you may be wondering, how exactly does that even relate to me getting to the gym, when the situation isn’t as dire? Well consider this, how much do you value your own health? If you answered the question like most men would, being in a higher regard, then you should want to spend every moment you can on treating your body the right way. You would value someone else’s life in a loving manner, but when it comes to your own, what reason do you have not to hold it within the same regard? Of course it comes down the responsibility, but the biggest challenge that prevents men from hitting the gym in the first place is the lack of drive.

Going back to the emergency story we mentioned, that influential boost that originally took over your mind, needs to somehow manage to find its way back into your daily lifestyle. But don’t let that confuse you, we’re not saying you have to live on the edge every single day, because once you starting going to the gym it doesn’t have to be like that. See, the moment you are able to harness that first jolt of motivation and step a single foot in the gym, is the very same moment you set yourself up for success. It’s like a rolling snowball, once you get started that motivation and drive you have simply builds and builds.

But none of that really much matters if you don’t take that first leap of faith and the first footstep into the gym. As a man you must show up in order to get the process going. Remember it’s not a forced commitment, and although you should treat it like one, there’s absolutely nothing to fear in moving forward. No man ever became a powerful man that both he or his peers respected, without taking the role of leadership at some point. To put it straightforwardly, you need to be the leader of your own life.

Finding Time To Work Out – The Opportunities

Once you have a sense of confidence and your motivation to become a better man is on point, you’ll need to find a way to fit exercise into your schedule. It’s simply a few hours a week, which is nearly nothing at all when compared to all of the other non-beneficial things in most of our lives.

Start by replacing your television time, internet time, or whichever you may feel is unneeded in your life presently. If you find yourself not already participating in those examples then let’s look into another approach.

When you wake up in the morning you can always set the alarm clock an hour early. In the same manner when you come home from work you can always go to bed later in the night. If you want to get creative think about all the time you have during your lunch breaks at work. Or how about the weekends when you’re off work, or even on your free days away from the office.

Whichever route you go with, you can achieve your ideal male fitness goals with around 3 days per week. You don’t have to become a full resident of the gym, or quit your day job to get healthy or in shape. Instead it simply requires a reasonable amount of time dedicated towards improving yourself.

Rewards Of Exercise – The Bodybuilding Experience

If you think bodybuilding’s best reward is the lean muscle you get from hitting the gym, you might be right. But like most successful men will say, it’s all about the experience and lifestyle.

On day one you walk in the gym and leave sore, tired, battered and worn down to the floor. Your body hurts in subtle pain while you feel the urge to consume as much food as possible. You’ll want to consume the best whey protein for men, and do whatever it takes to recover. At first you start thinking of doubt but you muster up the courage to give it one more day and one more workout. The next time you’re surprised, it’s getting better, more enjoyable and it starts to become a hobby. Soon enough it becomes a passion, and one of the most positive and rewarding experiences taking over your life.

You build an understanding that going to the gym doesn’t mean you’re just building muscle, because you’re building upon your success instead. Every day you hit the gym your body strengthens but so does your character. You become a man that you, your friends, family and women respect and admire.

For you pumping iron becomes the hard work, because eventually the motivational aspect of things seems to become natural. Your brain enters into this state where you’re no longer forced to exercise, instead this time, you love to exercise.

Pretty soon you’ll start day dreaming of your next rep, and when the next time you walk back into the gym will be. It becomes a priority on your mind, and all of the smaller things that used to drag you down become simply forgotten. You’ll build up the anticipation and inspiration to work out, and when those two are combined you have the ultimate recipe for a momentum that will never stop persuading you to be a bodybuilder.

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