Treadwall M4 Rock Climbing

The Treadwall M4 Puts Rock Climbing Into The Home Gyms Of Guys

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What happens when you combine a treadmill, rock climbing and turn it vertical? Introducing the Treadwall M4, an affordable vertical treadmill with climbing holds attached! The Threadwall offers the advantage of climbing indefinitely, while the machine itself is offers adjustable angles to increase the difficulty without the added risk of falling. Not to mention thanks to its unique design you can also control the speed and it fits virtually anywhere inside your home. Yet while some might consider it to take up a massive amount of space in any men’s gym area, it will still fit comfortably and make for a decent climbing wall. For benefits, it’s perfect for both new and experienced climbers, and will help you develop core strength and balance. When performing longer cardio burns you can set it to an easier angle, while for men’s muscle building you can work out on the steepest settings. All in all, the Treadwall M4 offers the perfect combination of efficiency and speed in a portable design.

Treadwall M4 Rock Climbing Machine

Treadwall M4 Portable

Treadwall M4 Rock Climbing For Home Gym

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