Make Impressions By Treating Life Like A Stock Portfolio

Make Impressions By Treating Life Like A Stock Portfolio

Your dating and personal life in general is like a giant portfolio; if you stop for a moment and look at it that way. You’re out on a Saturday and you want to go out and meet women, but here’s the deal, everybody you meet may not pay dividends today.

You may meet a woman today who has a boyfriend but you had a great conversation with. Three months later you run into her again, and she remembers you because you were a cool guy. You then look at her and go, “how’s that boyfriend”? In return she goes, “We broke up”. And there you have it, bingo the dividend paid off in the future.

You might meet someone who you had a simple conversation with it, and you might think it means absolutely nothing, right. The conversation could be as simple as how’s the weather. Yet whatever it might be, you find out two weeks later all of the sudden, you run into her again and say, “Oh I remember you, I saw you two weeks ago”. And you get into longer conversations because maybe the first time you talked to her, she was rushed. She wasn’t open to a conversation, she was busy, or maybe she had something on her mind.

You’ve got to stop looking at instant gratification in whatever you do. And you’ve got to start looking at life as a portfolio. Things will pay off now and things will pay off in the future. You might meet someone today who pays off and you get a date right away. But you might also meet somebody tomorrow who pays off in the future, a month from now.
Let’s look at it like sales because in sales you’re always building a funnel. You’re trying to call as many leads as you possibly can, but then what happens? They start paying off in the future, so everyday look at it as leads. Each person that you meet is another lead that may pay off in the future.

It’s a really important mindset that most guys don’t understand or want to do. Most guys are just constantly looking for that instant gratification and not being nice to someone. They see a girl, they talk to her, the girl has a boyfriend, and they stop the conversation right away. Six months later they run into her, she remembers that he was the rude person who cut the conversation in mid sentence. And instead of being the cool guy, you’re someone who just ruined their chances.

If you leave everybody with a great part of you, they’ll remember you. And if they remember you, they’ll want more of you in the future. And that’s what you’ve got to start looking at. Stop looking for instant gratification and look at life more like a stock portfolio, because we all know, we could all get rich overnight if our stock portfolio doubles. But we all know it takes time to double, so look at your personal life the same exact way.

Written by David Wygant

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