75 Scientific Dating And Sex Facts Studies

75 Scientific Dating and Sex Facts – Studies You’ll Be Surprised By

Courtship, Dating and Initiation Facts

1. Contrary to conventional wisdom, guys typically like being approached for a first date. Match.com posted survey results showing that 91% of men wish that ladies would be more forward with their attraction. 9 out of 10 guys are now completely cool with being asked out.

2. For the most part, ladies still think guys should speak up first. The same Cosmopolitan study revealed that only half of the surveyed ladies were willing to make the first move. Still, this number is going up from previous years.

3. More people are flirting with you than you realize. According to study called, “Accurately Detecting Flirting: Error Management Theory, the Traditional Sex Script, and Flirting Base Rate” by the Communication Research department of the University of Kansas, guys only recognize romantic banter 36% of the time! Also, ladies only notice flirts 1 out of 5 times!

4. According to published analysis by the Social Issues Research Centre (SIRC), body language is essential to flirting! Look for certain signs like twirling hair and lip biting to see if she’s interested. Basically, sub-conscious behaviors mean more than conscious words!

5. There will always be single people who stay that way. SIRC also revealed that more men are choosing to remain bachelors, and this trend will only rise alongside the continued popularity of marriage. They refer to these instances as “Peter Pan Singletons.”

6. Purdue University researchers Ji-yeon Lee and Carole Pistole discovered how time apart can be equally constructive when compared to time spent together. Making distance work simply depends on determining personal attachment styles!

7. Scheduling sex on the calendar may not seem romantic, but it maintains a spark to revive strained relationships. Polls from the Daily Mail showed that 60% of women are mainly able to have sex thanks to strict adherence to “appointments.”

8. Lauren Papp, Ph.D., a University of Wisconsin human development and family studies professor revealed that Jealousy is actually quite beneficial in small doses. Instances of insecurity cause positive changes, and they can cause partners to recognize their luckiness to have an attractive partner. Ultimately, a little possessiveness shows desirability and protectiveness.

9. Based on findings by annual British Household Panel Survey, the University of London found that women will typically will find their most happiness by staying with their first love. This inevitably means that most girls are more likely to measure their current lover’s worth based on comparisons with their original romance.

10. The same report also showed that men are happiest when they can participate in “serial monogamy.” Apparently, the male mind is most satisfied by a consecutive string of committed relationships.

11. A questionnaire by the Pew research center revealed that girls watch as much porn as you do, if not more. 85% of ladies admitted to watching porn as a “fantasy escape.” Over 1 in 5 said that porn actually helps them de-stress.

12. The same survey also revealed that commitment increases heavily among couples who watch pornography together at least one time per week. 93% of girls say that watching porn is nowhere near an act of cheating.

13. It’s totally okay to have sex on the first date, but you don’t have to do it either. A 2005 study by the Journal of Circadian Rhythms reveals that holding out gives the couple a chance to build a relationship on more than physical impulses, but desire can also get in the way of getting to know each other. Basically, it depends on the pair, but there is no shame to be found in giving in early!

Anatomy, Biology and Reproduction Facts

14. According to George Preti of the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia and researchers, pheromones are released when you are already sexually satisfied. As such, being in a committed relationship can ironically attract more dating opportunities.

15. The same research also showed that these pheromones can send a variety of signals without your consent. They can communicate information about your current emotions, and your sexual orientation could even be given away by them!

16. According to Psychology Today’s cutting-edge counselors, testosterone causes men to give their relationships too little thought, and estrogen can simultaneously induce over-thinking in women. This combination can lead to a lot of fights if it is not recognized.

17. Obesity takes size right off your manhood. Based on reports by urologist Dr. Edward Karpman, every 50 pounds that a guy is overweight equals one inch of penis loss. This is especially problematic if there isn’t much to lose.

18. One female breast is always slightly larger, and the same is true for men with one testicle. This can all be blamed on breast assymetry and testicular assymetry, respectively. In the past, doctors used to associate cancer risks with these occurrences, but they are observed as totally natural now.

19. Apparently, the perceived attractiveness of facial hair is determined by the style’s rarity. If the majority of the population is clean-shaven, then ladies are going to be hot for the beards and mustaches. When everyone starts growing out their goatees and soul patches, it’s time to stand out with nothing but mutton chops. .

20. The University of California has declared that sex during a period actually eases menstrual cramps. When practiced properly, the act actually releases natural hormonal painkillers like oxytocin. As an added bonus, rhythmic muscle spasms actually speed up menstruation as a whole, so your partner’s cycle may now end sooner.

21. There is a correlation between male size and female pleasure, but it’s not the one you think. Australian researchers wrote about it in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. They indicated that larger penises are only considered desirable when they are attached to a taller fellow. After a certain length, the attractiveness dies down completely, so it is best not to be too large!

22. The same science report also showed that men think about their endowments way more than ladies do. Guys my fret endlessly about length and girth, but these are actually minor considerations for a girl in the big picture.

23. National Organization of Circumcision Information Resources Center studied the effects of circumcision, and it turns out that a lot of tactile sensitivity is lost from the procedure. The tissues that are removed contain similar nerve endings to the female clitoris, so men may be losing some physical pleasure. On the plus side, it provides extra physical control.

24. The Parsemus Foundation has announced that the male birth control has been developed, but feminists are delaying its wide-scale release. Ultimately, the pills will be available in 2018, and they work by stopping the sperm’s passage through the vans deferens. Pills can be taken weekly, but injections will last a whole decade!

25. Semen is surprisingly good for women! Researchers Gordon Gallup and Rebecca Burch, from State University of New York at Albany, and psychologist Steven Platek of the University of Liverpool have revealed that exposure to male fluids is actually an anti-depressant for women. Furthermore, it can be applied to skin for rejuvenating cosmetic effects.

26. With strict healthcare integrity, Dr. Will Kirby, a Beverly Hills dermatologist has shown that semen allergies are unfortunately real. In rare cases, contact can cause skin redness and inflammation.

27. For men, a lack of masturbation causes prostate cancer, but only during maturity. Polyxeni Dimitropoulou, PhD; Rosalind Eeles, PhD, FRCP; and Kenneth R. Muir, PhD showed that excessive self-pleasure too early can cause cancer, but a lack of it later on may have the same results.

28. National Cancer Institute (NCI) expands on the previous point by advocating for a routine prostate massage. Their experts say it is best when self-administered. For maximum male health, the rear apparently needs direct stimulation. (fuller release, reduce cancer, etc).

29. The National Center for Biotechnology Information has an alarming study on Traumatic Masturbatory Syndrome (TMS). According to shocking research, many men don’t know how to treat themselves right. As a result, tons of guys are injuring their bodies on a regular basis without being aware of the harm.

30. The National Library of Medicine shows that priapism occurs in 1 out of every 100,000 guys. This condition is marked by a painful erection that can cause permanently debilitating damage to the organ. If you are aroused for more than 4 hours, it may be time to see a doctor for the sake of your manhood’s survival!

31. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs has confirmed that sex is not a want; instead, it is a biological need. Meanwhile, romance is a more frivolous element of existence that is only needed on the path towards self-actualization.

32. Psychology Today shows that science is stranger than fiction. New findings show that performing oral sex is good for a pregnant mother, especially if she ingests sperm. This practice may be the only way to prevent a dangerous condition known as preeclampsia.

33. Unprotected sex creates a deeper psychological bond than protected sex does. Over time, the two bodies become acclimated to the exchange, and a natural symbiosis occurs. This is typically referred to as fluid bonding.

34. The World Health Organization says that sperm cay stay alive for at least five days outside the body, and it sometimes reaches 7 days inside a woman. This means that the pregnancy risks are actually heightened for a whole week after unprotected sex.

35. You can tell how sexually active a woman is by the way she walks. Certain hip movements inadvertently showcase orgasmic capacities. This tidbit is controversial, but researchers from the Catholic University of Louvain in Belgium and the University of West Scotland in Paisley have proven it!

36. Despite what the mainstream media says, sex probably won’t kill you with a heart attack. Harvard has pretty much debunked the myth of prevalent cardiovascular failures in older men.

37. You can find a way to, ahem, taste better for your lady. Based on studies, you literally are what you eat. As such, you can change your diet to be more pleasing for her!

38. Exercise makes it better and more is always merrier. Researchers discovered that yoga is the best practice for increased intimacy!

39. TIME Magazine reports that interracial marriage creates healthier kids through increased exposure to genetic biodiversity! Isolated gene pools are at risk of collapse, so immunities should be gained from expanding automatic defenses. Genes from two areas can fight twice as many contaminants!

40. A prescription medication won’t solve everything. Viagra often won’t be prescribed without emotional therapy.The New England Journal of Medicine states that the prescription should be used in tandem with testosterone rehabilitation to ensure lasting results instead of dependency.

41. Birth control inadvertently makes girls sexier. The compounds natural increase the secondary sex characteristics, so it is actually possible to spot girls who are actively preventing pregnancy. The August issue of the journal Personality and Individual Differences talks about how it can cause girls to completely change their perceptions of social worth and attractiveness.

42. There are countless dangers to an IUD. These sharp birth control devices can become loose and leave their internal location. Contact with the jagged metal can equal serious injury for the man. To make matters worse, protection against pregnancy and diseases will be negated.

43. Here’s a disturbing report from Science Direct’s study titled: “A suggested adaptive value of toddler night waking: Delaying the birth of the next sibling”. Unbelievably, babies scream and cry to stop parents from mating and making more babies. Oddly, household cats have also been proven to emulate this technique!

Evolution, Anthropology and Culture Facts

44. Many common sex acts are expressly forbidden by law. Depending on where you are, your body’s natural functions may be illegal. The most expressly banned behavior around the planet is sodomy.

45. Arranged marriages were the most common form of matchmaking on Earth. One Child activists have shown that the girls’ ages may be younger than 7. At this age, they are already expected to conceive. Many of them die in the process.

46. Most languages have more words for love than English, but Westerners are starkly limited when it comes to romantic expression. We have to use the same word that applies to carnal affairs for referring to familial affections. This causes substantial societal confusion.

47. Prostitution was once considered an art, especially in Ancient Greece and among the Japanese Geisha. Today, it is far from a creative profession. Ironically, pornography is considered art to create a legal loophole for production.

48. Monogamy is relatively new. TIME Magazine shows that less than one-third of the human population descends from faithful ancestors.

49. According to the previous TIME study, polygyny was the most common form of marriage. Dominant men would have multiple wives, and lesser guys would be deprived of sex until their removal from the gene pool.

50. Open relationships are back in style. David Barash, Ph.D., professor of psychology at the University of Washington and co-author of The Myth of Monogamy says to give it a try, especially since it is better than divorce.

51. In most historical human relationships, the first wife would pick out the second, and so on and so forth. This standard practice would prevent unnecessary jealousy while creating a household hierarchy.

52. Humans have it much better than animals do. For example, the only kind of sex that felines know is rape.

53. Here’s a gross one. A team of US researchers, headed by Professor Gordon Gallu say that penile head is shaped the way it is to scoop out competitors semen, which means the longest phallus would result in pregnancy. This is natural selection in action.

54. Fetishes and taboos usually only occur in affluent societies that lack real security threats. With absolute comfort instilled, boredom drives people to seek stranger passions and weirder outlets for eroticism.

55. Even Freud was willing to admit this one: Those who have foot fetishes were subjected to extensive childhood neglect. Their only human contact would have been the feet of grown-ups, so an imprinting unfortunately occurs.

56. Sex is sacred to some religions, but most have clauses for men to enjoy it more than women.

57. Bondage is directly connected to trust. The pain is actually a side product of learning to be placed in another’s hands completely and willingly.

58. Furries are starting to appear everywhere. Most analysts don’t understand the trend, but some attribute it to children being raised by television instead of families.

Sociology and Statistics Facts

59. Average proposal wait: Let’s say that she’s a knockout and you want to get hitched right away. What is the right amount of time to put off the proposal? eHarmony says 2.8 years!

60. Men should appreciate female breadwinners for the sexual and monetary benefits. When women feel self-assured, they are more likely to get turned on. This comes from the previously mentioned SIRC report.

61. Blind date statistics are impossible to find, so we’ll never know how many people fell in love this way/

62. Dating site statistics are everywhere, and most data indicates that these venues are overwhelmingly fraudulent. Most have predominant male memberships, and the female profiles are all artificial.

63. Divorce statistics hovered around 50% for decades, but they actually started inching higher in the 2000s. Today, we are witnessing the first decline in separations that America has ever seen.

64. Interracial marriages last longer than unions between those of similar backgrounds. This is mainly because more discussions were probably needed before a commitment was established.

65. Gay marriages do not end in divorce nearly as often. This is partially because these individuals have already experience a large amount of self-discovery, so they aren’t going to be as impulsive later on in life.

66. Cheating percentages are also impossible to find, especially since people rarely are honest about their dishonesty. Still, it is an issue that every couple faces in one way or another.

67. Sex and love are no longer intertwined. Young people have completely separated the concepts, and a thriving hook-up culture has emerged.

68. The last 100 years have seen massive changes in attitudes towards premarital sex and cohabitation. This kind of behavior was worthy of incarceration for violating Christian sanctities. Now, it is become the norm.

69. The age of consent is probably lower than you think. In most American states, it lies between the ages of 14 and 16. Sometimes, it is higher for one gender than the other.

70. Condom use is going down in America. With birth control alternatives, rubbers may soon be obsolete. Though, it’s still going to take quite some time before birth control for men is ever available.

71. Sperm donors can be forced to pay child support. Shawnee County District Court Judge Mary Mattivi ruled so against the Kanas sperm donor named William Marotta.

72. Loud sex is healthy says sex therapist Ian Kerner, Ph.D. Oddly enough, Caroline Cartwright and her husband Steve served an eight-week prison sentence after neighbors complained. She ended back up in jail on a second offense for 12 weeks.

73. How many porn stars are there? James Griffith, a psychologist at Shippensburg University in Pennsylvania says thousands join the industry each year, but only work for 6-18 months before quitting.

74. Cannabis is a completely safe aphrodisiac! Look it up! Or, just read Dr. Grinspoon studies to get high and low!

75. Female Viagra has been in production for quite some time, and it is just now receiving FDA approval. The committee voted 18-6 for approval based on 46-60% of women having benefited from “fibanserin”.

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