How To Pick Up Women

How to Pick Up Women And Overcome Short Answers And Obsessions

The moment you walk up to a woman the following scenario plays out in your mind, and you being to question things.

“I don’t know what to say to her, I’ve got all these demons inside my head right now. Does she like me as much as I like her? Does she have a boyfriend? Is she going to think I’m too tall, too short or too fat? I don’t know let’s see let me go approach her.”

Go over there and approach her with an observation, like those are great necklaces, or you have a beautiful smile. However if you’re saying things like you have a beautiful simile, tell her from your heart and not like a PUA idiot. Things like “You have a really intense stare” with emphasis on the word “intense”, have much more meaning than just saying normally it as if it means nothing at all. However, even when you do things right, sometimes you find out she’s not giving you any love back, she doesn’t like you, and she’s not responding. Yet you get frustrated and starting saying things like “forget about it, do you want to go out, give me your number”.

Guys sometimes women say nothing to you, and sometimes women aren’t interested, but it doesn’t matter. — It really doesn’t.

So gentlemen sometimes women come in and out of your life quickly, but you can’t possibly like her since you don’t know her. You have to get to know her, think of yourself as the gift, so observe her, listen and connect, and if it’s not there you did nothing wrong. So stop thinking like a fool, don’t start assuming people and women in general don’t like you anymore. If you were as boring as you are with women, at work and with your friends then you’d have no job and no friends. Think about that for a second. Stop being boring and start having fun, because it’s all about having enthusiasm. Stop thinking inside your head and enjoy yourself, it’s that simple!

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