Stop Dreaming Start Dating Success And Status Don't Matter

Stop Dreaming, Start Dating – Why Success And Status Don’t Always Matter

Gold diggers are everywhere; there is a new generation of women who want everything…

Everything, you own of course.

They crave the rich, successful and powerful and would date any celebrity in a heartbeat.

Yes, we’ve all heard it before.. And I’m sure you’ve also heard something that goes like, “But I’m not like every other girl” too. However, stop for a moment and think about this….

For the most part men can agree that last phrase is a lie, but in another sense it’s partially quite true.

There are plenty of women who don’t require men to be millionaires, drive exotic cars, and model for magazines professionally. Some do, some don’t.

Look at your neighbors, family, friends and co-workers. Does everyone you know fit that profile? Chances are they don’t, unless you’re James Bond. Are you?

Don’t get distracted by the celebrities you see, and the flock of women constantly drawn to them. Women can see their lifestyle in plain view, it’s all out in the open. They read about them online, in the tabloids and watch them on TV on a daily basis. It’s no different than being constantly marketed to; eventually you’ll want to buy whatever’s being offered.

Every woman wants them and in essence you could say they are in high demand. But you don’t have to be in demand to get what you want.

Stop comparing yourself to this dream image, because you can make your move right now. You will miss every single opportunity if you think that is where the bar is set in reality.

If you take a moment to see things in reverse here, you’ll know that not every woman is a millionaire, drives exotic cars or even restores them for pleasure, is obsessed with steak for dinner, lunch and breakfast, and appears on the runaway as the world’s sexiest female model every night.

So why is it that the attractive woman you see in the shopping mall is still so attractive if she posses none of those traits? We know nothing about her, other than her beauty of course, and she knows nothing about us. Here’s were human nature takes over…

We set our expectations so high for ourselves, that we often forgot to realize exactly who we are, and what women we are going after.

She doesn’t care what model of car you drive, how many numbers are in your bank account, or where you work at. It’s true she might later on, but if she does, is that really the type of woman you want to be dating? Even if it is, do you not trust yourself enough to make those goals a reality in the future?

Why worry about things that don’t matter right now..

The moment you approach a woman, she will know absolutely nothing about you. Live in the present moment, the now and here. Not the when, how and what if. Every man who approaches a woman with the intent of advancing starts with universally one thing: A conversation, nothing more, nothing less.

Why take the time to muster up confidence, when the only thing that’s required of you is to be present. You don’t need to win her over with the most bizarre pick up line, you simply have to be you. You don’t need to cruise by in a Lamborghini to impress her (Although great marketing efforts would have us believe so), your two feet will do just fine. My point here is, do not wait any longer to approach a woman you admire.

Stop dreaming, start dating.

You could wait a lifetime to acquire a luxury vehicle, or to construct the world’s most fascinating pick up line… Or you could accomplish something right now, by simply striking up a simple conversation. Let the thought of asking her out fade away from a second.

It’s easier said than done the first time and that’s fair enough to say, but consider this… The same principle applies to your past failures, including rejection. Does she really know that some girl turned you down a year ago? Or how many.. Would it even matter, or would she even care? The answer is no gentlemen.

Please tell me a time in your life when a woman has asked you specifically how many times you have been rejected…

Accept what you want to become and the person you are right now. Don’t get lost in a sea of comparing yourself to other men. The playing field will always be even if you are comfortable under the spotlight. You might start off terribly, perhaps grooming is all you need or some time well-spent at the gym. However there is nothing stopping you from make changes along the way as you grow.

Preventing yourself from going after what you want, will only hold you back. It’s true in terms of both relationships and personal development. How in the world could any man ever win if he never seized a single opportunity presented in front of him?

Life is full of failure I think we can all accept that. There’s doubt about it, we all makes mistakes, including the most successful men. There is no reason at all, to ever let the fear of rejection stand in your way. Nor let your current success determine your future success.

There is however, an abundant opportunity to learn and an endless number of directions to go.

Which path will you choose?

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