Airborne Tattoos For Men

30 Airborne Tattoos For Men – Military Ink Design Ideas

Military experience and tattoos basically go hand in hand. This may be why artists have created and designed so many airborne tattoos. It shows the military experience and represents the loyalty of their service and life.

Airborne tattoos can be designed in so many ways, in all types of styles. A common Airborne symbol is a maroon beret.

Maroon berets are worn by this division. Another frequent airborne tattoo is the parachute with wings. These are just two small emblems that many wear. They can be mixed into a collection of other tattoos, or in a scene of a tattoo. There are many large tattoos of a war scene that include multiple parachutes. Sometimes they even include guns, planes, flags, skulls, flames, and camouflage. The ideas when it comes to airborne tattoos can be modified and changed depending on personal preference and experience.

As a result of there being so many different ideas wrapped into this tattoo concept, there are many styles involved and used. Most are realistic, but many also hold a traditional look. Military tattoos date so far back that many older tattoos have that traditional style to them.

In the interest of keeping tradition and showing respect to long history of the American military, a lot of soldiers stick to the traditional style of tattoos. Any way airborne tattoos are done, they are represent a lifestyle and life story.


Abstract Trash Polka Airborne Tattoos For Men On Upper Arm

Airborne Logo Mens Arm Tattoo

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