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Top 90 Best Armor Tattoo Designs For Men – Become A Walking Fortress

If you think a pricey tailored suit is expensive today, consider the armor back in the Middle Ages. Needless to say, protection came with a hefty price tag but in comparison, so did death in the grueling blood-soaked battle fields.

In order to become a walking fortress, you’ll need to take a trip back 4th century in Japan. Here you’ll find horsemen bearing keikō and foot soldiers with tankō. Though different, both sleeveless designs followed similar standards with leather thongs and iron plates.

After reaching Italy the iron plate armor surged in popularity and eventually replaced chainmail for a good reason. Following the Black Death labor prices were at an all time high, which in return, made the less labor intensive plate significantly cheaper to produce. Yet, even well beyond the 15th century mail still had a place in the armpit and elbow areas where flexibility was required.

With the new armor among the battlefield, any man could be certain of protection from swords, spears and of course punches to the gut. However, it didn’t make a knight truly invincible. The pollaxe, long tapered sword, and halberd still meant death among impact.

By the 17th century, the popularity of plate armor had fallen, making it more or less reserved for the cuirassiers and nobility. It stood no chance against the invention of the flintlock musket, though it did make for revisions in the breast plate design during the Napoleonic wars.

As time progressed towards World War II, you could find flak jackets with plates of steel sewn inside of them. Next was fibre-reinforced plastics which emerged around the 1950s. The rest is history..

With that in mind, I’ve put together a collection of the top 90 best armor tattoo designs for men. You’ll find bold ideas featuring more than just armor plate. I’m talking about things like shields, gauntlets, helmets, and more. Most of these military themes are based around larger portions of the arm, however some are small in size and just as intriguing to look at!


Amazing Blue Armor Tattoo For Males Half Sleeve

Amor Sleeve Mens Tattoos

Arm Armor On Men

Armor Of God Tattoo Designs For Men

Armor Tattoo Designs Wrist For Males

Armor Tattoo Shoulder For Men On Upper Arm

Arm Plate Armor Tattoo On Man

Aztec Armor Tattoos For Guys Sleeve

Back Of Shoulder Cavalry Armor Tattoo On Guys

Back Tattoo Armor For Males

Battlefield Armor Tattoos On Male

Blue Sleeve Tattoo Of Armor For Males With Yellow Lion

Body Armor Tattoo Kalamazoo For Men

Celtic Armor Tattoo For Men

Celtic Armor Tattoos For Men

Chest Armor Of God Tattoos For Men

Chest Armor Tattoo For Men

Cool Mens Armor Tattoo Designs

Creative Mens Armor Tattoo Designs In Red On Wrist

Cross Armor Tattoo For Men On Chest

Dragon Celtic Shoulder Armor Tattoo For Men

Fish Scale Male Protective Armor Tattoo On Wrist

Forearm Medieval Armor Tattoos For Men

Forearm Mens Armor Tattoo

Full Armor Of God Tattoo For Men

Full Body Armor Tattoo Designs For Men

Full Chest Body Armor Tattoo Designs For Males

Full Sleeve Armor Tattoos Designs For Males

Gauntlet Armor Tattoo On Man

Guys Helmet Armor Tattoo

Guys Knight Suit Armor Tattoo

Guys Medieval Armor Tattoos

Guys Middle Ages Armor Tattoos

Guys Military Armor Tattoo

Half Sleeve Armor Tattoo Body Art Designs For Men

Half Sleeve Cross Armor Tattoos For Guys

Historical Armor Tattoo Ideas For Guys

Ink Armor Tattoo Inspiration For Men

Iron Armor Tattoo On Male Of Chainmail

Knight Armor Tattoo For Men

Leather Strap Armor Tattoo On Men

Lion With Body Armor Tattoos For Men

Male Armored Man Tattoo

Male Armor Plate Tattoo

Male Battle Armor Tattoo On Chest

Male Chainmail Tattoo With Black Ink

Male Plate Armor Tattoo

Male Shield Armor Tattoo

Male Tattoo Coat Of Mail

Male With Close Helm Armor Tattoo

Male With Torso Armor Tattoo

Manly Armor Tattoo Ideas For Men On Left Upper Chest

Man With Armet Hemet Armor Tattoo

Man With Barbute Helemet Armor Tattoo

Man With Knight Armor Tattoo

Man With Upper Arm Torn Skin Armor Tattoo

Masculine Vintage Mens Armor Tattoo

Mens Armor Of God Tattoo

Mens Armor Tattoo

Mens Armor Tattoo On Full Sleeve

Mens Armor Tattoos

Mens Body Armor Tattoo

Mens Celtic Armor Tattoo

Mens Chest And Arm Armor Tattoos

Mens Gladiator Armor Tattoo

Mens Shoulder Armor Tattoo

Mens Tattoo Armor

Plated Armor Mens Tattoos

Protective Mens Armor Tattoo Designs

Realistic Looking Steel Mens Shoulder Armor Tattoo

Realistic Mens Armor Tattoo

Shield Armor Tattoo On Men

Shoulder Armor Tattoo Designs For Men

Shoulder Armor Tattoo Men

Shoulder Armor Tattoos For Men

Shoulder Armor Themed Tattoos For Men

Silver Chainmail Mens Armor Tattoo Styles

Sleeve Armor Of God Tattoo For Gentlemen

Steel Armor Tattoo For Guys

Steel Armor Tattoo On Men

Tattoo Of Armor For Men

Torn Skin Body Armor Tattoo Men

War Armor Mens Tattoo Designs

Warefare Armor Tattoo On Men

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