Barber Tattoos For Men

100 Barber Tattoos For Men – Masculine Design Ideas

For the barber devoted to his trade and craft, it doesn’t get much better than this. From straight razors to clippers and more, each tattoo serves as a reminder of the traditional shave and classic haircut.

Perhaps the most popular style you’ll find in this guide is the iconic barber’s pole. Its long standing tradition dates all the way back to barber surgeons in Rome who performed everything from bloodletting to surgery and teeth extraction.

Yet, over time the practice has changed, along with the interrupted meanings of the pole’s colors too. Some say red is for arterial blood, blue is venous blood, and white is for the bandage. However, one of the more recent debates stems from barbershops verses beauty salons.

Oddly enough, cosmetologists are trying to claim barbers shouldn’t have exclusive rights to the barber pole. Even though, in some laws, they aren’t allowed to even use razors! Nonetheless, it’s hard to deny the design’s tradition to the craft.

Now, aside from the barber’s pole, there’s also barbershop theme tattoos that feature everything from straight razors and brushes to clippers and combs. You’ll find a mix of just about everything in these top 50 best barber tattoos for men. Go ahead, discover the art of a fine shave and a classy haircut below.


3d Neck Barbershop Pole Male Tattoo On Neck

Abstract Half Face And Scissors Male Barber Tattoo Design Ideas

Abstract Sacred Geometry Barber Tattoos On Men

Abstract Tattoo Of Male Barber On Upper Arm

All Seeing Eye Barber Guys Tattoo With Straight Razor In Full Color Ink

All Seeing Eye Barber Mens Tattoos

Back Of Neck Scissors And Comb Mens Barber Tattoos

Barber Buzzing Electric Clipper Tattoo For Men

Barber Chair Bicep Tattoo For Men

Barber Cutting Hair Tattoo For Men On Arm

Barber Life Tattoo For Men On Hands

Barber Pole Tattoo Designs For Men

Barber Pole Tattoos For Men

Barber Shaving Brush Tattoo For Men

Barber Shaving Customer In Shop Tattoo For Men On Lower Arm

Barber Shaving With Straight Razor Mens Tattoo

Barber Shop Pole With Light Tattoo On Mans Forearm

Barber Shop Scene Tattoo For Men On Upper Arm

Barber Tatoo On Men

Barber Tattoo Designs Men

Barber Themed Mens Tattoo On Arm

Barber With Beard Mens Tattoos On Forearm

Barber Word Tattoo On Mans Head

Bicep Clubman Barber Tattoo For Men

Black And White Barber Mens Tattoo On Wrist

Break Law Barber Tattoo On Outer Forearm For Men

Broken Barbershop Pole Mens Arm Tattoos

Clipper Tattoo Designs For Guys

Color Barber Tattoos For Males On Lower Wrist

Cool Barbershop Upper Arm Tattoo On Man

Cool Barber Tattoos Of Clippers On Man

Cool Mens Barbers Tattoo

Cool Skull With Head Of Hair Tattoo On Mans Arm

Cool Traditional Mens Barber Tattoo On Leg Calf In Black Ink

Creative Mens Barber Tattoo On Leg

Dapper Mens Barber Tattoo On Arm

Diamond Barber Hand Mens Tattoo

Fingers Tattoo Of Barber Equipment For Men

Floral Barber Tattoo Of Man With Pole For Face In Color Ink

Forearm Color Barber Tattoo On Man

Guys Barber Clipper Tattoos

Guys Barber Shop Chair In Black Ink

Guys Barbershop Themed Tattoos Sleeves

Guys Barbers Tattoo

Guys Scissors Tattoo Designs

Guys Skull Barber Tattoo With Thick Hair And Beard

Half Sleeve Barbershop Tattoo With Clippers And Scissors For Men

Hand Holding Clipper Barber Tattoo With Bones For Men

Jesus Barber Tattoo For Men Holding Scissors And Razor

Love Thy Barber Skull Tattoo For Men On Thigh

Male Barber Shop Tattoos

Male Half Sleeve Barbershop Pole Design On Lower Arm

Male Scissor Tattoos Designs

Male With Barbershop Scene Tattoo On Arm

Male With Tattoo Of Old School Straight Razor Design

Man With Barber Shop Tattoos

Man With Clipper Barber Tattoo On Inner Forearm

Man With Straight Razor Barber Tattoos

Mens Barber Comb Tattoo On Forearm

Mens Barber Pole Tattoo

Mens Barber Shop Themed Tattoos In Black Ink

Mens Barber Tattoo Designs

Mens Barber Tattoos

Mens Hair Scissor Tattoo Designs

Mens Tattoo Barber Shop

Neat Barbershop Pole Tattoo For Men On Arm

Neck Tattoo Of Barber In Black And Red Ink For Men

Old School Mens Barber Mustache Tattoo With Straight Razor

Old School Shoulder Barber Straight Razor Male Tattoos

Outer Forearm Barber Tattoo Ideas

Praying Hands Barber Tattoo Holding Scissors On Mans Shoulder

Realistic 3d Mens Barber Tattoo On Leg

Realistic Barbershop Building Tattoos On Chest For Men

Realistic Barber Shop Tattoo On Mans Forearm

Realistic Bicep Barbershop Themed Tattoos For Men

Realistic Tattoo Of Barber Holding Straight Razor For Men

Red Mens Barber Shop Chair Tattoo On Leg

Ripped Skin Mens Barbershop Pole Tattoos On Rib Cage Side

Scissor Tattoo Designs For Men

Shaded Barber Guys Tattoo On Bicep

Skull Barber Cutting Hair Guys Tattoos

Skull Face And Scissors Upper Arm Mens Tattoos

Skull With Scissors Barber Mens Tattoo On Arm

Sleeve Mens Clipper And Pole Barber Tattoos

Small Mens Rib Cage Side Tattoos Of Male Barber

Small Scissors And Razor Barber Tattoo For Men On Upper Neck

Straight Razor Dripping Blood Head Tattoo For Men

Straight Razor Tattoo Designs For Males

Straight Razor Tattoos For Men

Tattoo Clipper For Men

Tattoos Of Barber Clippers For Men

The Barber Top Hat And Mustache Guys Tattoo

The First Cut Is The Deepest Barber Straight Razor Tattoo For Men

Traditional Male Barber Tattoos On Forearm

Wahl Clippers Mens Barber Tattoos

Wrist Male Barbershop Chair Tattoo In Black Ink For Men

Wrist Scissors Male Tattoos

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