Bear Tattoo Designs For Men

60 Bear Tattoo Designs For Men – A Masculine Mauling Machine

From stealing picnic baskets at the park to mauling territorial foes for dinner, the bear ranks at the top of the food chain.

A symbol of confidence and commanding authority; the bear is a mauling machine when provoked.

This animal has a free-spirited nature like the great wind, however it is still always fully prepared to defend its space with a fierce wrath. Speaking of space, you can find all kinds of bears while roaming the wild like the grizzly, black, brown and polar bear throughout North America, South America, Asia and Europe.

While it might be a majestic experience to encounter one today, you might be surprised to know the unique meanings and symbolism of the bear in prehistoric and ancient times.

For instance, Siberians viewed the bear or karhu to be one of their forefather’s spirits. While Korean mythology has been said to see bears as past ancestors. In early Ainu and Chinese cultures, some even worshiped this spiritual animal. For the Sioux, the bear symbolizes healing and the honor of a successful hunt.

In today’s times, the bear can be seen as the national animal of Finland. While in the U.S, the black bear and grizzly bear are state animals. If you look at the state seal of California or Missouri, you’ll find this majestic animal on them too. Further away, the bear has often been included on the heraldic arms of Warwickshire country in the UK.

However, in a truer sense, the bear is an ultimate symbol of strength and confidence. It may be a nurturing animal yet it’s still willing to protect its imminent domain at any cost. In Alchemical tradition, is the symbol of transformation.

It is the spirit of standing up against advertising, being a leader, and taking action within your own life. In the opposite regard, the bear can symbolize solitude, rest and relaxation, which is why it’s often associated with medicine and healing.

No matter what the bear may mean to you, you’re sure to enjoy this collection of the top 60 best bear tattoo designs for men. These ideas are just as awe-inspiring as it is to witness a bear up close. Get ready to be inspired by the beauty of nature below.


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