Camping Tattoos For Men

60 Camping Tattoos For Men – Wilderness Design Ideas

Camping tattoos are for the man who is wild at heart. Pay homage to the great outdoors with an illustrious ink rendering of America’s most beloved hobby.

A camping tattoo represents one’s hunger for adventure, but there’s much more to it than that.

Camping is an escape from everyday life, a chance to honor the world that birthed us, to coexist with nature and all of her creatures. If camping was important your childhood and your family, the tattoo has personal meaning for you as well.

These designs can draw on the beautiful imagery of campfires, mountains, and evergreen trees. They can be spare or elaborate, cartoonish or photographic. They can replicate the rugged geometry of the outdoors: prisms for mountains, triangles for tents and tepees, a circle or crescent moon in the sky. A miniature camping scene also allow you to experiment with vivid coloring for sunsets, rivers, and fires.

A camping piece will remind you to retain a sense of adventure in your life. It allows you to carry around a piece of the wilderness, which can preserve your sanity if you live in a city and work an office job. The inks signifies the necessity of exploration and courage, which are dying values in a world where our social lives are bound to technology, and our most common “explorations” are web searches.


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